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The Faith of Raptor Jesus is one that was founded by Natalya and consists of the facts that a raptor-headed Jesus came down to the Forum, taught many parables and lessons, mostly involving small children being eaten or at least dismembered. Raptor Jesus went extinct for our sins Over 9000 years ago. He later was resurrected in the 2,000th G.R. with the Dino Island sets, but later died once more. It was He that told us that the Long Cat was Long, and that we might all find love in Mudkips. The disciples Popchik and Lt. Obvious were some of the first to accept His teachings, yet in the very same thread, The Honorable Leprechaun reveled himself as the Anti-V. mongoliensis, or the Anti-Raptor and is the archenemies of all that is His.

Raptor Jesus During the 1,993rd G.R.a propaganda movie was made, which converted many youths to the Raptor Jesus faith. Previously, Raptor Jesus had only been popular among paleontheologists.

Natalya vehemently maintains that Raptor Jesus does not contradict the teachings of Triangleism, but rather that he completes it with his carnivorous presence.

People of Importance Raptor Jesus Natalya the Prophet Disciple Popchik Disciple ltobvious The Anti-V. Mongoliensis: Leprechaun

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