Republic of Independent Nations

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Want to know something about the best nation in the Third Alliance? Want to know something about us? We thought magik was real at a time.

The Time of the Old Empire

We called this pre-spacefaring age "The time of the Old Empire", when a Monarchy ruled over planet Trion, and had just discovered the "magic crystals" which have today become classified as RT. They saw that these crystals had unimaginable killing power, simply exposing a man to the crystals would cause him to suffer a painful, cancerous death.

After the United Communist Powers, the Old Empire's enemy, weaponized these crystals and ravaged Trion, the monarch was thrown out, and replaced with a a government, a Republic.

The New Republic

The new Republic, the Republic of Independent Nations, was formed, and immediately delved into an explanation for these red crystals. The early RIN found that the crystals gave off extreme radiation, not "the energy of death". We were then able to use our science to defeat our old foe, and use it as a power source to take to the stars.

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