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Residential Areas

Minifigs need someplace to store their weapons in between campaigns of slaughter. And, you know, a place to sleep and eat. Houses and apartments fit that bill nicely. Home to a bewildering array of specialty items, a goodly cache of weapons, and usually a handful of reliable vehicles, Residential Areas are prime targets for raiders and key defensive locations, to be protected at all costs, for military and civilian minifigs alike.

Possible Uses:

  • Objects can serve as objectives.
  • Residential Areas could be used to determine battlefield control.
  • The massive number of civilians could be allies or neutral parties.
  • Serves as a source of vehicles, weapons, and assorted other useful items.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Most residential areas, even if just inside the homes themselves, are dense. Narrow hallways can become killzones and tight corners can restrict line of sight.
  • Approach cautiously but quickly, from more than one angle simultaneously, while having each man able to cover another's fire lane. Coordinate effectively.


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