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Restaurants and Other Food Service Businesses

A minifig's gotta eat...well, they don't have to but sometimes they enjoy the practice. Plus, its a way to dispose of all those corpses. And what better time to get the drop on an opponent than when he has his face stuffed full of long pig? Restaurants make for exciting places to have shootouts. Glass shatters, tables get flipped, and the possibilities in a kitchen full of fryers, ovens, and cold storage are endless.

Possible Uses:

  • Food can serve to recharge a minifig's energy.
  • Food fights are a time honored and practical use of a minifigure's time.

Tactical Considerations:

  • There is a lot of open space and sight lines in a restaurant but also a lot of soft cover in chairs, tables, and buffet bars. Make good use of it.
  • Highly dangerous hazards and equipment can be found in the kitchen area. Head there for maximum hilarity.
  • Always tip your server.


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