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The Hellcycle
The Einherjar
Rocket Hogs

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It's like the HATREDCOPTER fucked a motorbike and this is the resulting love child.


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--The Shadowscythe

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Fuck, Scythe, NO!

It's the-


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I kind of just want to replace every example in the rulebook with these two bikes. BIKEWARS
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Advertised as space rocket choppers for the roughest and toughest bad boys of the galaxy, these awesome creations clearly share a symbiotic relationship with their riders in that only the most badass of minifigs would ever dare mount one and that the bike itself obviously magnifies the awesomeness of its rider a thousandfold. Some say, that humming sound you hear in space is actually the distant roar of a HATREDCHOPPER. Still others whisper that these magnificent steel steeds serve as the primary mode of transportation for the Metal Gods, the sound of its deadly engine providing a poignant counterpoint to the eternal music of the universe. Certainly, and most famously, they serve as the well known mounts of the legendary Four Bikers of Ragnablok.

Inspired Creation

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