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As more and more new building elements started to come into being during the time following the Ancient Days, it was not long until new building faiths were made as well. While the Trianglist movement is the most well known, the SNOT were easily the most ruthless.

With their black magic and shadowy techniques, they were able to conjure weapons and structures so powerful and badass that they could have crushed the other powers of the galaxy on a whim.

Instead of doing just so, however, the SNOT Gods had other plans. Far more, devious plans. They set out on a crucial mission, and hunted down and captured the best builders from each kingdom in known space. They then set to work on corrupting them to the ways of the SNOT.

Even today, their influence is seen. From the Leg-ore mines to the Warships of the Assyrian Star Empire, the SNOT has spread. They have already won, and are just now waiting in the shadows for the right moment to strike.

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