Scarlet Maskirovkas

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Scarlet Maskirovkas
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TL 5
Small Empire
None listed
None listed
Notable People
Captain Em
Captain Em, leader of the Scarlet Maskirovkas

The Scarlet Maskirovkas are fairly new to the Universe. They hail from a distant planet, called MP-0162, which was a mining planet during the M-Tronian operations. Other than that, not much is known about this mysterious group except they are small in size, preffering to be skilled in the art of war than have overwhelming numbers.

M-Tron had left them alone on their old mining planet. The day came that the director of M-Tron had decided that the materials being mined on the planet MP-0162 were no longer valuable. They withdrew, but in their rush left one remote outpost still populated, only accessible by ground vehicles. The occupants of the outpost didn’t know they had been forsaken until they supply convoys ceased to bring the much needed food, water, and fuel. Soon the remaining 47 miners had to start rationing the food. The rations lasted for a few weeks, but eventually the supplies were down to a single meal’s worth. By now, only 33 of the miners were alive. The meager amount of food was entirely used up that day. The last 30 had no choice but to leave the outpost or die.

And leave they did. They took the Mega-Core Magnetizer and loaded it with all the fuel they had. Then they sped off in search of food and water. However, Darktronians had laid an ambush in one of the mountain passes. They swooped in like hawks and made easy prey of the M-Tronians. After taking the most vital machinery, they left the remaining 24 M-Tronians to die in the harsh elements. But it was not to be so. As despair swept through the ranks of the survivors, a Hero rose to the challenge. This Hero was known as the mysterious Em, lover of candy and insanity. Under new leadership, the M-Tronians scoured the planet, raiding old wrecked trading vessels of the planet Krysto and the Assyrian Empire for supplies. Soon after, they found a suitable transport in which they repaired and left that barren planet. Under a new command, the M-Tronians decided to forget their past and renamed themselves The Scarlet Maskirovkas. And so the rise of the Maskirovka Empire began.

The Maskirovka's main battle tank.
The standard trooper of the Maskirovkas.

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