Setvia, the Red Robot Socialist Republik

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The first significantly large Setvian colony was on the mineral-rich but hostile volcanic world Vesuvius. The Civilization dedicated most of its resources to mining, and over the years developed mighty robots and magnetic tools. Their enormous supply of natural resources allowed them to expand quickly over the many similar worlds in their region of the galaxy, quickly making them one of the most powerful Civilizations in the galaxy, on par with the Meikon Civilization. The two symbols of the Setvian Republik are the Twin Volcanoes and the Fires of Vesuvius.

In battle, the Setvians use large robots as weapons platforms and central command stations. Their strategy is to use their giant robots, defended by groups of smaller robots and vehicles, to destroy enemy bases and large vehicles as quickly as possible and then secure a command area from which to conduct mop-up operations on the smaller enemy units.

Setvian combat strategy is centered around a small number of large 'Capital Robots' which are surrounded by defensive clouds of lesser troops, vehicles, and Robots. These Capital Robots work as mobile command centers, using their impressive firepower to reduce large targets to rubble quickly, while their defensive clouds mop up attacking enemy units.

Setvia's enemies envy their valuable mineral-rich planets, and the Setvians are often called on to defend their volcanic colony worlds. Streams and pools of molten lava are often arranged in defensive rings around Setvian bases. Terrain is barren and rough, and there are always plenty of rocks and boulders around. Setvian bases usually employ some form of Mass Driver to launch rocks all over the landscape.

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