Seven-Hour War

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The Seven-Hour War


Having only recently revealed itself to the brikverse, and protected by an uncoordinated militia system and a small army, the Republic of Valoros and its seven-hundred systems presented an attractive target for the Trattorian Empire.

Trattoria invaded with its full military might, debuting the Knightmare Frame Lancelot in official military combat. Trattoria's overwhelming technological superiority prevailed and Valoros surrendered soon after the start of the invasion, which would become known as the Seven-Hour War. Although Trattoria respected the nation's sovereignty and allowed it to keep 100 systems, the remaining 600 were split with 50 being annexed as territories by Trattoria and the remainder being donated to the Allied Nations Trusteeship Council.

Last Stand of Valoros

Humiliated, Emperor Brikguy gathered some remaining militia and military forces in an attempt to intercept and capture CEO Dr. Ayanami of BlueGene Incorporated to ransom her for the return of Valoros's lost star systems. In the ensuing battle, the Valorian forces achieved their objective albeit with severe casualties, including the deaths of Emperor Brikguy and Agent Domino. A Trattorian Lab Director successfully negotiated the return of BlueGene's CEO, in exchange for the return of 300 star systems and two doses of Miracle Cure to revive Brikguy and his agent. Valoros still remains bitter towards Trattoria, and hopes to one day regain the remainder of its lost territory.

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