Shit Natalya Has Done

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  • Roller Derby
  • Cosplay
  • Own Website
  • Been to Europe
  • Coolest Car because of customization
  • Permanent Nerve Damage from surgery and a cuncussion one time
  • University degree
  • Run over by a horse
  • Sleep deprivation for about 10 years
  • Rode my bicycle 50 miles when I was 14
  • Programmed and then sold working copies of a mod for a videogame all by myself
  • 120 stars on Super Mario 64 eff yea
  • Driven cross-country, also driven to Canada and back multiple times
  • Ran from the cops and didn't get caught
  • Worked in a pr0n store, a warehouse, a factory, a non-profit, an office, a grocery store, and a drive-thru
  • Talked to moot
  • Protested against Scientology, went inside one of their places and trolled them hard
  • Rollerskated in a parade wearing my Haruko outfit, had picture taken and stuff people were like "Fooley Cooley!!" Parade had nothing to do with anime
  • Was staff at an anime convention, took wheelchair around and did wheelies in it
  • Knocked some kids' braces out by throwing him into a chain-link fence in kindergarten, he was older and bigger than me
  • Said a kid was mean in front of his parents and the whole class and my teacher when everyone was going around supposed to say a compliment because he was a douche
  • Have actually dated people unlike half the people here
  • Don't live with my mom
  • Walked on a glacier
  • Made some crappy techno songs
  • Became good at baking pies
  • PTSD
  • Made rocket fuel and launched a rocket, had 3 failed launch attempts too lol
  • Built a tower for no reason which is about 18 feet tall
  • Called 911 a couple times
  • Been to over 30 states, 4 provinces in Canada
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