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silvadream's Forum Profile

Inhabitants of the Universe

File:Http:// Characters/DSC07654.jpg

Silvadream is your average Canadian bisexual noob. He was and still is a mysterious annoying entity that took the forms of many (usually covered in chrome). He was an average trianglist teenager before falling in love with the Far Ums. While he did pioneer forum battles and invent the concept of secret factions as well as the Ice Cream Underslung and Anal Disruptor, he was ultimately rejected from the Far Ums for being an annoying dumbass. Under his command, his forces killed Santa Claus (no, not MFS), and he attacked the Far Ums that he once loved with 1,473 goods, ushering in a noobocaust that killed millions of other members. Rayhawk then picked up his banhammer and struck Silvadream.

File:Http:// Zombie Dawn/DSC06171.jpg

After 2 days, Silvadream rose again (to the efforts of Tarren). He used this time to seek out MFS, who he tracked to a Spaceport on Pretoria to finish the job he thought his mercenaries had failed to complete. He then swore loyalty to BoB.

File:Http:// Zombie Dawn/DSC06174.jpg

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