Skadus Syndicate

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The Skadus Syndicate
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Capitalist Democracy
Tek Level 6
Skadus System
Krysto Region
Galaxia Nehellenium
None listed
Guardians of the Frozen Star
The Immortal Empire
Notable People
Nigel Peppercock
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The Skadus Syndicate relies heavily on it's BT industry. All cities that are not embedded directly into the surface of the many ice moons of Skadus hover closely behind large concentrations of BT. This society is largely known across the galaxy for its advances in hover technology.This technology thrives on the slow, powerful essence of the syndicate's vast reserves of BT.


The Guardians of the Frozen Star are the largest religious group in the Skadus Syndicate. Though most of the society practices Guardianism, few actually understand what it means to be a Guardian of the Frozen Star as it is told in the prophecies of the Azure Oracle. It has been foretold that one of every ten thousand children are to be born "Enlightened". At birth, these children are surrounded by an aura of blue light. Any Enlightened child is immediately taken into the custody of the state. It is unknown to the general public what becomes of the Enlightened children, only that it is a great honor to create such a being. The teachings also reveal that there will be a Great Awakening, during which blah blah blah.

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