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Solvess, a major N00b. He is the original Shitgoat and became such after calling SnakeMittens one, who later, ironically became one as well. He controls the space faction the The Armorian Alliance.

Solvess recently won a year's supply of Maniac Beer for the Briktopians Star Nation, for keeping a promise to Warhead. He was playing in Apollyon's forum battle: Boarding the Hyperion. This contract allows the Briktopian Star Nation to sell off 2% of this supply, making them the only major exporter in existence of Maniac Beer other than the Immortals, a very profitable arrangement. Obviously since they have an abundance of the most alcoholic beverage known to exist, they have not only become, rich but also very, very, very drunk. Some believe that once the year is up the Immortals will invade and wipe out any hung over survivors remaining. Just a thought.

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