Sons of Mim

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Sons of Mim
Extremist Rebellion
Tek Level 3
Arkeaisian Faction
None listed
Of Convenience

Arkeaisian Factions

Notable People
Orvar Steelsight

The Sons of Mim are an extreme purist faction fanatically devoted to the destruction of literally everything that has been even slightly tainted by Nega. Though they are a relatively new group, their uprising has been swift and devastating. They have culled the numbers of many other Arkeaisian Factions both by violence and by passionate rhetoric. Fed up with their own faction's lack of progress in eliminating outsider threats like the NegaForces, desperately seeking a change in the status quo, or yearning for more indulgence in that most basic of minifig instincts, many have abandoned their old posts and have taken up with the Sons. These new recruits have swelled the ranks of the faction that has come to be thought of by the other factions as the ultimate rebellion. The minifigs of this rebellion are constantly active in real warfare and missions of violence, swiftly becoming powerful and skilled and often just as swiftly becoming dead as doornails. Leadership changes often in the Sons but the rebellion roils on, a seemingly unstoppable and deadly machine, guided by the hate and frustration of all its members.

To make things even more frightening, the boiling energy of their shared purpose has gifted many of its leaders and a fair few of its more powerful members with the uncanny ability to manipulate ABS on a molecular level. The very nature of Construktion and Destruktion is theirs to command. The scope of this power varies wildly, of course, based on the user's strength, ability, training, intelligence, and willpower. Some insist that there is a lesson in this for the Sons of Mim but they do not typically listen, instead often failing to live up to the full potential of their power by being content with lesser creations (often personal weaponry) that satisfy the user's immediate need for gratification. Ultimately, this is for the best as far as the other factions are concerned. If the Sons ever gained true control, they would handily defeat all opposition. Several leadership regimes have attempted to correct this error, willing their men and women to work together and learn to expand their powers exponentially. Only then, these leaders insist, will the rebellion be able to reach its end game and achieve its absolute goal: to wipe out Arkeais and rebuild it anew with their collective true godlike power.

Notable Members of the Sons

Heroes rise and fall in the rebellion with alarming frequency. Some survive to tell the tale, however, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Orvar Steelsight

Orvar is a Light Elven Archer of extraordinary skill, armed with the feared and deadly accurate Heroic Longbow called Stigr, and current leader of the Sons of Mim. His ability with a bow is legendary on Arkeais, known across continents, but his ability with ABS Manipulation is second to none. He is rarely showy with it, reserving his energies for more important tasks, but there is little he cannot ultimately do. In fact, such a statement could be applied to the whole of the elf's personality. In sharp contrast to his fellows, Orvar is measured and calculating. He is cold, removed, and disdainful of all those who do not display excellence. Though he appears arrogant, however, he rarely underestimates an enemy and this shrewd tactical prowess has lead him to become a more permanent fixture in the swirling sea of chaos that the Sons have become. He is like unto the eye of a storm.

Relations with other Arkeaisian Factions

As a major faction on Arkeais, the Sons of Mim come into frequent contact with most of the movers and shakers on the FringeWorld. As far as the Sons are concerned, the philosophical differences between the factions are usually insurmountable and such contact comes most often in the form of glorious battle.

DragonRiders of StormHall

The Sons of Mim hate the DragonRiders of StormHall with all the intensity they can muster. It doesn't matter to the Sons that the Riders are a large part of the reason the outworlder invasions are largely unsuccessful. It only matters that the Riders, with their absurd policy on inclusion, are aiding the very process that the Sons strive with all their will and might to prevent. To them, the Riders are traitors to Arkeais and, if they weren't so pressed on so many other fronts, they would devote all their resources to crushing the tainted cloud dwellers.

The Order of Automatic Binding

The Order of Automatic Binding is one of the Son's greatest opponents. Where the Sons want to see the world destroyed in purifying fire and raised anew like a phoenix from its ashes, the Order wants to protect the world from harm. The OAB believes that vigilance is key to eventually defeating the NegaHordes and are content to patiently scrub away at what both factions agree to be a corrupt and twisted sickness in their home. But this is the only thing the factions agree upon. The Sons feel that the Order's actions are ultimately impotent and doomed to failure and are frustrated with waiting for the promised time the Order is always on about. Many of the Sons, those most connected with ABS, have received visions of the world's purification through rebirth and, in this, they will not compromise with the traditionalists.

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