Sons of Warhead

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Sons of Warhead
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TL 5
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Notable People

On a forgotten continent of Hellius, long since conquered, looted, and abandoned by an Immortal ravaging party, the memory of Warhead's invasions survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland thanks to the reminiscing of countless Apoc Raider moms. They also live on in the countless children born nine months after the invasion, all of whom claim to be the offspring of Warhead himself, as unlikely as that may be for those without older brothers and sisters.

Scavenging what bits and pieces of post-apocalyptic junk they can scrap together to look like their mother's worn-out pictures of the Terrorkhan, the self-styled Sons of Warhead maraud through the deserts on their motorcycles, looking for civilizations to invade.

The fervor of their belief in half-brotherhood under their all-father Warhead is such that even local Magma Hellions are inspired. The hellions claim to be Warhead sphincters and demand worship from their "sons," but the adulation of the bikers is such that many of the hellions secretly imagine that they may have been fathered by Warhead themselves, almost as if the bikers' delusion were contagious.

The hellions congregate monthly around the "Hotgates," a rift in their mother volcano from which magma hellions are born and where Warhead is imagined to have done the deed.

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