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[[File:EKDFlag2VAR2.png|100px|thumb|right|A variant of the Confederate flag, referred to as the "Battle Flag", this is primarily only used by the Army]]
[[File:EKDFlag2VAR2.png|120px|thumb|right|The Rebel flag is still used by Zagorian Nationalists, particularly in the West Zagorian systems where tensions are still hot after the treaty]]

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Republik of Zagoria
Indirect Democracy, Republik
Tek Level 6
Central & Eastern systems of Zagoria region, Gold Sector
Member of the Maripol Pact
Iron Symphony
Notable People
Rebel Forces, mid R.2017

The South Galacian Confederacy, "SGC" sometimes referred to as the "Free Galacian Confederacy" or "Galacian Rebels" is an inssurectionist proto state in the southern province of Zagoria of the Gold Sector with it's origins rooted in cultural differences and colonial independece, but it ballooned into a broader struggle against "Tyranny and Oppression" after the Bakhacha Coup executed by Alexander Shulga in Galacia.




Dating back to the period of initial Star Colonization by the Elkossian Empire in R.2005, The ancestors of the Zagorian systems were dissenters who fled Elkoss in a mass exodus, unlike the other sanctioned colony "seeder ships" that were sponsored by the government.

As with all of the "Seeder Colonies", isolation from the Home world and it's immediate colonies led to Zagoria developing it's own culture and government. Effectively independent from the Elkossians.. They were met by travellers from the Brittanian league and United Systems Alliance who traded with, and sent small numbers of immigrants to assist with the harvest of the vast amounts of resources in the region.. By R.2010 However, the Elkossians had found Zagoria and opened communications, By now most in Zagoria had forgotten and stopped caring about the homeworld, and when the words "Reunification" and "Reclaimation" started being thrown around, The Zagorian Systems went into panic mode. Some fled, most protested, and some prepared to defend themselves.

Most of the seeder colonies had accepted the invitation to unification, unlike Zagoria. Sturgia and Mozorova were the only other exceptions, and even Sturgia promised to surrender to Elkossian rule if they recieved assistance in defeating rival Mozorov. The Zagorian systems saw themselves exempt from this circumstance but it was questionable if they were going to be able to resist a takeover.

Annexation of R.2011

3 months before the Great Peach War would engulf the entire Empire, The Elkossian empire had already landed "Police" forces into the major colonies of Zagoria.. growing tired of the Southern refusal to submit to capital rule, the Elkossian generals prepared to crack down and seize control of the "Government" buildings. Unwilling to enter a war, the few "Official" military forces the South had were not deployed, however civilian and paramilitary groups were not about to back down. After several armed attacks by Sepratists, the Elkossian units stormed the planetary capital buildings. During the confusion, several Zagorian elected officials were killed and injured in the melee of the State House. The Capital forces feared that through their killing, they had started a war. The Southerners begrudgingly surrendered not wanting further destruction of their colony. The R.2011 Crackdown ended with only a few hundred killed on either side, but it sowed the seeds of an intense hatred of the Capital Systems minifigs by southerners, and the dead became Martyrs to their independence movements.. There would have been a proper insurrection had it not been for the Peach War that swept across the entire sector a few months later.


During the Peach invasion of the Elkossian Empire, Zagoria was a province of the Elkossian empire and fought on the side of the Capital, it was largely ignored by the Peaches, The West and Central provinces were the most targeted. At the conclusion of the war, Elkossian Remnant forces struggled to hold onto control of most of the Cluster as a whole, Not just Zagoria. Meanwhile on Elkoss, devastated by Nuklear war, remnant government cells fought off raiders, savages, and each other for claim to the keys to the Empire.. remnant factions known as the Enclave and Dominion would be the last ones facing off, with the former emerging victorious. The provinces of Strenza, Slavonia and the home province of Galychna reformed into a singular rump state, known as Galacia, At the time Galacia was very weak, and when it attempted to re-assert control over the Empire. Volhinya, Mozorov, and Zagoria put up armed resistance, in the time that Capital law was absent, Colonies in the outskirts had declared themselves independent.


In the Wake of the Peach war, most powers in the cluster were still very weak, The Galacians had captured most of Zagoria with little opposition as they still possessed a superior ground and naval force. Only the colonies in the systems of Kolorad, Maripol and Zaphor remained in control of the South and even then, these Galacians were pushing into their cities the same way the Elkossian Empire had been, with sheer intimidation of the Civilian populace, With the Southerners only offering light resistance and an unwillingness to fight, However after a group of radical paramilitary forces loyal to the south executed what would later be called the "Oplot Uprising" where Southern agents executed a series of bombings and heavily armed guerilla attacks on The Galacian Capital's moon, Oplot causing mass destruction to industrial infrastructure and causing general mayhem, this show of force emboldoned the south and showed that the Galacians could be beaten. At this time Southern warlords started to raise paramilitary outfits to defend their colonies, and with covert aid and intelligence from Brittanian Sympathisers, they took back a few of the Colonies in the south. Proclaiming their territory an independent star republik of Zaphorzia-Graznovik.. although it would still be called Zagoria by some.. This republik was short lived however, After the Galacians had defeated the Communist Mozorovans, R.2016 would spell the end, again.


Once again, for what seemed like the third time, Capital based forces rolled into the southern colonies, smashing the resistance through sheer force. Zaphorzia-Graznovik was wiped out by the Galacians, and the entire region was uncerimonisously stripped of it's name "Zagoria" and given the name "Yugalatz" literally South Galacia... and Once again it became an unwilling puppet of an Elkoss based empire. However this was the final straw, During the Galacian re-armament program, despite being given ample funding by the then President Lahey, Army Marshal Alexander Shulga robbed the resources of the south for his military development projects and extorted citizens of the region for money. Shulga became a universally vilified character in the south, and when he staged a coup and took over Galacia, the south instantly became the heartland of resistance and rebellion to restore democracy, Not only would the South consist of angry Zagorians, but now angry, pro-democratic Galacians fled to the south and proclaimed the "Confederacy of South Galacia", However due to so many conflicting and competing Warlords and proto-governments all over the south, It would be known by many names, "The Confederacy" referred to the alliance of several smaller colonies, and "South Galacia" was a universally accepted term because that it was "South" of Galacia. Zagoria wouldn't cut it this time as they were just one of several peoples in the Greater Galacian demographic now

With their numbers bolstered by volunteers, defectors and covert foreign aid, as well as considerable amounts of stolen and captured equipment the rebels carved out a small chunk of territory for themselves in the South and began fortifying their worlds and installing massive amounts of space mines and anti-ship batteries in outposts all along the established frontline. With so many troubles abroad as well as outside of the Empire, the Galacians would be able to commit the forces to hold the frontline, but not push it forward. With the exception of the Colony "Tusk", the Soutern theatre of the Galacian Civil War was limited to small skirmishes by space ships, and occasional ground invasions on worlds where the border defenses had been nullified.

Republik of Zagoria

In Q4 R.2017, The Imperiya surprisngly agreed to a peace treaty, granting the rebels full sovereignty in exchange for a territory swap. However Cherhovna Bryhada Immediately began attacking Zagorian cities, plunging them into another war.



The Rebel flag is still used by Zagorian Nationalists, particularly in the West Zagorian systems where tensions are still hot after the treaty



Individual Foreign Relations

Local / Gold Sector

Faction Relation Notes
Galacian Empire Hostile The Loyalists are the South's mortal enemy, first a conflict of cultures and now a conflict of ideologies. The South fights to create a democractic superstate, free of the Empire, and sway as many Loyalists to their cause as possible in the process
Kingdom of Volhinya Friendly The Confederacy's only reliable ally in the sector, although the distance gap between the extreme north and south limits their ability to work together. The relationship is more of a "Cooperation against a common enemy" than a fully fledged alliance.
Cherhovna Bryhada Hostile Their extremist and racist views cannot co-exist with the values of the Confederates.
Triangular State of Outer Haven Hostile No real direct contact, but they are considered to be a threat to everyone.
Kamchatkan Republik Hostile Due to their alliance with the Loyalists
Ulvarattan Republik Hostile Due to their alliance with the Loyalists, Ulvarrat is also within Confederate space, The Southerners have repeatedly tried to sway the Ulvarratans into joining them
Peach Insurgents Hostile Peach Brotherhood combatants are a threat to every power in the sector, Their peach supremacist ideologies are viewed as downright disgusting. Moderate Peaches usually find themselves the Confederacy due to it being their only option

Factions not native to Galaxy

Faction Relation Notes
M-Throne Empire Neutral The Confederacy remains neutral with the Tharcan powers, they see them as convenient being an enemy of the Galacians, But their own relationship with the USA has drawn them to greatly distrust the M-Thronians

Organizations and Groups

The Conglomerate The Conglomerate is the catch-all term used to refer to the corporation that succeeded Haliat-Armali. based in the Zaphor system on it's own space station, the Conglomerate is a multinational supercorporation that handles large amounts of foreign capital as well as dozens of rare element and mineral mining subsidiaries. and is responsible for development outside the Gold Sector, it's contributions at home are suspiciously limited. The Conglomerate essentially makes capital by dealing with outside companies and governments, and then funnels vast sums into propping up the Confederate Government and it's military, behind the curtain the Confederacy is in many ways, really just a puppet corptocracy


Confederate Army The Confederacy claims to be it's own sovereign star faring empire with at least half a dozen colonized worlds. And thus it maintains it's own defense forces. The majority of the Confederacy's military is ground based as it cannot hope to go toe to toe with the Loyalist navy, The Rebel army is not a unified force, while their equipment and training is relatively of similar quality, full divisions and larger formations are led by commanders that are essentially warlords, some having entire planets to themselves and others forcing to share and sometimes fight amongst themselves

The Confederate Army make use of a mix of locally produced equipment, and some captured from loyalists. their soldiers are usually tough fighers, and fight with the incredible tenacity and zeal that comes with being outnumbered and outgunned. Rather than using a wide range of specialists like the Galacian Ground Forces, Confederate troops usually train in the use of many different weapons, and when special weapons or equipment are needed, they are brought into the battle and most troops are reasonably competent with them. While their training is less formal, their equipment is sometimes of inferior quality, and they generally are not able to field as many troops as their loyalist opponents, Rebel troops often can hold their own against Galacian regulars in small to medium fights. It is only in heavy artillery that they lose. The Confederacy fields some of the same vehicles that the Loyalists do, but in much lower numbers. Overall the common regular ground force for the rebels focuses on a mix of hit and run and tenacious defensive tactics.

Rebel Soldier - The standard equipment troops of the Confederacy, carrying a rifle and grenades
Rebel Armored Soldier - Troops in heavier armor
Tank Hunter - Anti tank using an array of captured and home built rockets
Veteran soldier - Experienced troops who carry better equipment and employ better tactics
Sniper - Deadly snipers carrying long range high powered rifles
Commando - Special Forces operatives
Flamer - Pyromaniacs that burn out entrenched units and destroy structures
Confederate Officer - Field commanders, usually far from the fight

Motor Pool

Light and medium weight vehicles








Appearance Z3.png Z1.png Z6.png Z5.png Z4.png Z2.png EKDFlag2VAR2.png EKDFlag2VAR2.png
Type Unmanned Infantry Support Platform Utility/Transport Light Tank Light Hover tank Armored Personnel Carrier Heavy Tank ~ ~
Service Life 2014- 2016-
(Bought from Octan)
2014- 2015- 2014- 2016- ~ ~
Current model (Version/Variant) MK1 Military modifications to stock vehicle MkII MKII MKIII MKIV ~ ~
Armor Rating (Size) 1 2 2 2 3 5 ~ ~
Armament Twin barreled light machine gun (Kinetic) None Twin Machinegun, Light Gauss Cannon Twin Machinegun, Light Gauss Cannon Remote controlled HMG & AT Missile (Kinetic) M16 Gauss Cannon, "Thunder" Autocannon (Kinetic). Crude shield generator ~ ~
Crew/Carry capacity N/A 1/3 2 2 1/6 3 ~ ~


  • In terms of real life comparisons, despite being very "Slavic origins with an Americana Twist" South Galacia / Zagoria is analogous to, and was largely based on the republican factions of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the Free Syrian Army of the Syrian Civil War. As well as a little bit of influence from the CSA from the American civil war.
  • Prior to Kastrenzo's "Kanon Retkon" when he wiped all storylines out when he was new, "The Black Army" was known as the Volkans, and was a generic, Edgy Black Fascist faction. This name got carried over into a colony in present kanon
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