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Space Knights
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Knightly Order
TL 6
Independent Crusaders
None listed
Space Pirates
Notable People
Grail Knight
Tiny Tank Rannon

The Space Knights are just that; knights in space. Lead by the almighty Tiny Tank Rannon, the Space Knights go around the BrikVerse doing knightly things, especially searching for The Nine Artifax of Pre-Creation. The Space Knights use Storm Troop Equivalents (STE) and Space Peasants to do the dirty work, with a few knights leading each war-band. Space Knights always go on Crusades to purge the universe of the impure, defeating incursions of Dimmies, Jaw-Jaws, Peach Mutations, Bionix, Teknix, and Negablox. Not all Space Knights actually wear knightly armor, instead preferring more space oriented types of equipment.


Organizational Structure

The Space Knights operate under their own orders and do not belong to any particular governing body. As of such, many civilizations try to become friendly to the Space Knights, while attempting to war with each other. They operate in over 9000 star systems, using the local planets for new recruits and resources. Planets under their rule pay tithes for protection and offer them Space Peasants to increase numbers for war. Space Pirates generally avoid Space Knight systems. After the TV show "Deadliest Warrior" showed the pirate beat the knight, all Space Knights began killing pirates on sight.

To become a Space Knights, there are only the below rules. 1. Must already be some sort of super soldier, knight or spaceman. 2. Must have cool armor and weapons. 3. Cannot be a peach, dimmy or jaw-jaw.* 4. Must uphold the Space Knight Holy Commandments. 5. Must immediately take action when the mysterious leader orders the Grandest Grand Crusade Of All Time or Order GG COAT 66.

Otherwise, one may only achieve the heights of a STE or Space Peasant. Although pilots may also pilot one of the many mecha that the Space Knights don't actually know how to pilot, but have anyway. Space Knight vehicles are varied and many, as they utilize vehicles from any of the hundreds of solar systems that they control.

  • Will be killed on sight.


A Space Knight Dreadnut and an overcompensating Space Knight.

If a particularly awesome Space Knight is nearly dead, but still has some fight left in him, he will be placed into a Dreadnut to continue the fight. Dreadnuts are really the only war machines that the Space Knights actually use themselves. They will fight to rescue a fallen dreadnut mecha, to reuse as a war machine for the next lucky Space Knight. Dreadnuts are typically stout, bi-pedal walkers with thick armour. The sarcophagus where the fallen knight is interred is generally in the center, with two arm-like attachments on either side. These might actually take the form of manipulator claws, but just as frequently they will be heavy weapon mounts of some sort. The most common weapons seem to be laser cannons, missile launchers, and Gatling guns. Dreadnuts may also come equipped with smoke screens and sometimes even energy shields.

Left to right: Dominatrix Mimi Gun, GK Hammer, Shadowmane the horse, and SPARTAN P17.

Rannon's Space Knight Order:

The Space Knights leadership is in the following order. 1. ???* 2. Tiny Tank 3. Space Knight Heroes 4. Space Knight Dreadnoughts 5. Space Knights 6. Space Knight horses 7. Space Squires 8. Space Knight Vehicles 9. Storm Trooper equivalents and Space Peasants

  • Unknown to all but Tiny Tank.

Known Space Knights:

Famous Space Knights include the Grail Knight and his followers, The SPARTAN's left on Onix, Space Marines, the beamsaber wielding Dark InVader, Buzz Parsec, Sisters of Battle, Bloba Fatt, Toni Stark, the men of Apollo 11, Flying Ratman, and Taylor Lautner. Also, just about anyone that has something to do with space and armor and awesome weapons.

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