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Space Mafia
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Criminal Network
Tek Level 5-6
Total underworld domination in all current and former Third Alliance member states and all 500 systems in the United Systems Alliance.
None listed
The Police State of Venice

Czecho-Slovenian Republik




Notable People

Right Hand Man


Space Mafia

One of the largest syndicates of organized crime in the Brikverse, it has a strict hierarchical structure and code of honor. It holds complete domination of the criminal underworlds of several major powers, such as all current and former Third Alliance member states and the United Systems Alliance. Their home system of Space Sicily is under the control of Venice but at this point Venice and the Space Mafia have a symbiotic relationship, the mafia recieves official support, and Venice gets trade connections and tax on the significant black market.


Founded in Space Sicily to resist DSM occupation, the close knit families soon broke apart into factions and wars over territory. Several major families escaped into the Brikverse to establish their own crime empires, including the Five Families of Planet New York. In B.R. 2010 The Police State of Venice conquered the Sicily system with the aid of a family patriarch, Godfather Scratch. With the armies of Venice at his back, Scratch consoldated his power in the system and crowned himself Mobfather, and set about expanding his effieient and well run underworld to the rest of Venice.

Current Events

In B.R. 2013, Il Doge brought forth to the Third Alliance, a merger between the Sicilian Space Mafia and the various disorganized underworld organizations and crime syndicates into a united Third Alliance Mafia. This proposal was accepted and the Space Mafia now has a major stake in all current and most former Third Alliance states. During the Pwny War, the Space Mafia nearly destabilized Trattoria with RbT trafficking. In 2014, to help revitalize the economies of the planets Chicago and Detroit, the USA has given the Space Mafia free reign to take over the underworlds of all 500 systems. They have used this to triple their influence and income.


The Space Mafia's organization goes like this, there's the associates at the bottem they do most of the moneymaking, the soldiers collect the cash,and they report to the Caporegimes, who all report to an underboss. The underboss reports to the boss (usually the governer of a planet's underworld) and the boss reports to the sector's Godfather. The Godfathers all report to the Sicilian Mafia, and instead of a Godfather, they have a Mobfather, figurehead and schemer behind the whole operation.


[1] Introduction [2] Takeover of the Third Alliance underworld [3] RbT incident

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