Space Nazis

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Space Nazis
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TL 6
Emeria, Third Alliance (Member)
Peach Mutants
Notable People

Space Nazis

The Space Nazis. If you can't somehow figure it out, their Nazis in space. Their ultimate goal is fulfillment of the Piltogg scale, destruction of all Peaches ever, and death and glory in bloody battle with some hairy, angry bitch with a really huge-ass camel toe. Although this may seem evil to the uniformed, it is but a code of Honor to the Space Nazis.


Though small in number due to constant fighting with the Peach mutant scumbags and numerous, stuck-up, Peach-supporting bastards, both big and small. However, they make up for this particular and pesky shortcoming via Artifact of Pre-Creation and fanatical worship of Brikthulu. The Space Nazis use the Necronobrikon and Okpustika, the Space Nazis can summon pesky and annoying hellspawn abominations like Daemons, among other evil supernatural feats, like mind control and Necromanzy. Basically like every single cheesy fucking World War Two movie to curse the streets and spit on beggars.


As mentioned above, the Space Nazis revere glorious battle, and are faithful followers of Brikthulu. Most Space Nazis are very capable of summoning horrible creatures from hell, like giant owls, or an Aztec Sun-dial made of goat legs. Because of this cheesy over usage of Blood Magic or Demonology, Space Nazis are feared, on any battlefield.

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