Space Sharks

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Space Sharks
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Mercenary Company
TL 6
Small Empire
None listed
Planet Brimstone
Notable People

”Where there's blood in the water, the sharks will come!”

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The Hammerhead Assault Shuttle, the heavily armed and armored dropship used by the space sharks in their missions. It was essentially a heavily modified cargo ship.

The Hammerhead MkII, which has been redesigned to look sleeker and more predatory, in effect more sharklike. The space sharks also decided that while hidden weapons compartments were cool and all, they didn't serve much practical purpose for a mercenary company that always went in guns blazing. This shark bares its teeth, 20 missiles and a quad-barrelled turret to be exact, to intimidate its prey.

The leader of the Space Sharks, Captain Bruce "Jaws" Johnson, who either gets his name from having chewed out someone's jugular in a fight, or from the way that he chews out his subordinates when they screw up, depending on who you ask. He is an experienced soldier who has been in many battles. He wields a heavy caliber HMG with an OTC bayonet.

The Space Sharks established a forward base of operations on Planet Brimstone.

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