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A major trading hub and the de-dejure capitol of the Space Mafia


Basic info


Location: Southern edge of Venetian Space

Type: Pleasent, rolling hills, villages marred by piles of garbage and one gigantic skyscraper.

Size: medium

Resources: illicit technology, mafiosi, trading hub, and mafiosi

Controlled by: The Police State of Venice Space Mafia

Inhabitants: Humans, Squidheads, Assorted criminal species


Originally under DSM occupation, the inhabitents formed a Space Mafia to resist the brutal rule under the Spacemen. After the fall of the DSMpire, the close knit families soon broke apart into factions and warred over territory. Several major families escaped into the Brikverse to establish their own crime empires, including the Five Families of Planet New York. In B.R. 2010 The Police State of Venice conquered the Sicily system with the aid of a local patriarch, Godfather Scratch. With the armies of Venice at his back, Scratch consoldated his power in the system (with his typical brand of ultraviolence) and crowned himself Mobfather. After that, he set about expanding his brutally efficient and well run underworld to the rest of Venice.


The majority of the planet is covered by green rolling hills, dotted by small, close knit villages. A large section near the south pole is filled with garbage from a failed scheme. The capital city is a major Space Port, and is built atop a major volcano. Due to the recent flood of cash from the Space Mafia's international dealings, Mobfather Scratch is beginning to urbanize the planet to become the monstorous economic powerhouse it should be. This spreads out from the capital. It is orbited by one moon, Poveglia, which is composed entirely from the bodies of people who fuck with the Mob.

Places of interest

New Scratch City

Recent history

Due to the economic boom from the expansion of the Mafia's Sphere of Influence the planet is becoming a modern planetwide mega-city, with former small cities becoming major cities, suburbs becoming cities, towns becoming suburbs, etc etc. As such, the native population of Space Sicily (consisting mainly of Mafiosi and their families) are enjoying a high standard of living due to both rapid urbanization, and their relatives bringing in boatloads and boatloads of money from the criminal empire of Scratch.

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