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The Assyrian Warship Sonks

Starships and their kind are the penultimate in common minifig teknology. These are vehicles and machines that are capable of taking the fight to the very stars themselves. With these ships, entire empires can comb the universe for ever more powerful, strange, and mysterious power sources and weapons. They can invade other worlds and do battle on colossal space stations. They can develop and mount ever larger weaponry and revel in its destructive power. Truly, expansion into space is the stuff of minifig imagination and it allows them to glory in all that they are at heart. Infinite space in which to build...and in which to destroy.

Constant exploration into unknown space and the paradigm shifting discoveries made there, the mercurial circumstances in the social universe combined with the ever more clever development of the Factions and Forces that influence it, and the universe recycling Rekonstruktions banishing teknologies to oblivion and bringing new ones previously unheard of to the fore all contribute to the vast number of starship classifications and designations in the BrikVerse. From escape pods and star fighters to capital ships and starbases and beyond, the BrikVerse knows no creative or destructive bounds and BrikWarriors are ever more inspired (and encouraged) to take to the heavens and do great justice to the inherent nature of the BrikWar.

Space Teknology Class

Space Teknologies are grouped into general families of designs, or Classifications, for ease of reference. These Classes are not hard and fast, of course. With so many factions in the universe, some are bound to deviate from the standard somewhat. Where this is the case, their classifications will be included with their faction entry

Space Teknology Designation

A designation can be applied to any individual space teknology of any Class. These designations might refer to Epitek upgrades that any space vehicle or machine could be retrofitted to receive or to specific and significant functions any space teknology could be outfitted to perform. Whatever players can imagine applying, as a template, to any space tek, no matter how silly can serve as a designation.

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