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The Assyrian Warship Sonks

Starships and their kind are the penultimate in common minifig teknology. These are vehicles and machines that are capable of taking the fight to the very stars themselves. With these ships, entire empires can comb the universe for ever more powerful, strange, and mysterious power sources and weapons. They can invade other worlds and do battle on colossal space stations. They can develop and mount ever larger weaponry and revel in its destructive power. Truly, expansion into space is the stuff of minifig imagination and it allows them to glory in all that they are at heart. Infinite space in which to build...and in which to destroy.

Constant exploration into unknown space and the paradigm shifting discoveries made there, the mercurial circumstances in the social universe combined with the ever more clever development of the Factions and Forces that influence it, and the universe recycling Rekonstruktions banishing teknologies to oblivion and bringing new ones previously unheard of to the fore all contribute to the vast number of starship classifications and designations in the BrikVerse. From escape pods and star fighters to capital ships and starbases and beyond, the BrikVerse knows no creative or destructive bounds and BrikWarriors are ever more inspired (and encouraged) to take to the heavens and do great justice to the inherent nature of the BrikWar.

Space Teknology Class

Space Teknologies are grouped into general families of designs, or Classifications, for ease of reference. These Classes are not hard and fast, of course. With so many factions in the universe, some are bound to deviate from the standard somewhat. Where this is the case, their classifications will be included with their faction entry. Within some Classifications exist a breakdown of various Specifications, design specs which are divergent from the main design of the Class but which remain highly similar in theme or component.


Starships comprise the largest category of Space Teknologies. There are a great deal of Starship Classes and Specifications, running the gamut from one man craft all the way up through and beyond city sized space craft. All Starships are space worthy and vehicular in nature, capable of movement among the stars. While some are also capable of atmospheric flight, the aforementioned traits are the primary identifiers of Starships.

Fighter Class

Fighter Starships, or Starfighters, are small, self propelled combat space craft, usually armed with an array of heavy weaponry suitable for space combat, shielded or lightly armored, and powered by high energy but short term power sources. These ships are typically designed for fast, short range space combat and are almost always found scrambling from carriers, bases, or stations.


Interceptor Starfighters are the most common fighters, representing a balance of offensive and defensive abilities and self sufficiency. Interceptors are single engagement ships, built for the singular purpose of short range combat. These ships intercept other ships and so may find themselves fulfilling both offensive and defensive roles. They are the cheapest ships, usually, to build being, also usually, the smallest. Their small size combined with their high energy consumption, however, keep them fairly tethered to a fuel source, typically a larger carrier-type ship.


Strike Fighters are slightly more self sufficient than their Interceptor cousins and are typically loaded down with a heavier array of devastatingly offensive weaponry. Strike Fighters are built to be fast, heavy hitting warships capable of ranging out to a mildly distant target. They are also a good deal larger than most Starfighters, in order to compensate for the advanced weapons systems, but aren't usually better shielded or armored. They are described often as "flying guns."


Recon Fighters are extremely long range ships that tend to sacrifice both offensive and defensive capabilities in favor of higher fuel capacity, stealth systems, and staggering amounts of high-end surveillance equipment.

Tactical Class

Tactical Ships fulfill a specific role within a fleet or battlegroup. They are often small to medium sized self propelled space craft armed, armored, and equipped variably to assist their assigned function. Tactical Ships are almost always self sufficient, being the backbone of most operations.


Cutter Starships are the ultimate in practical serviceability, designed to fulfill a variety of support roles from minor escort to transport (ferrying cargo/personnel from ship to ship or base) vessel. Cutters are light and fast and, as such, serve well on patrol or in raids.


Sometimes also called sloops-of-war, the term GunBoat is a sort of catchall classification for all smaller warships that don't fulfill a specific function. GunBoats are far and away the single most common Tactical Class Starship in the BrikVerse. They are the filler for most fleets. Usually thick ships with solid armoring or shielding, GunBoats are also laden with a lot of big guns and tons of transport space (usually reserved for troops). They are, however, typically lumbering and slow.


Corvette Starships are larger and heavily crewed but are also highly speedy and maneuverable. Corvettes serve almost exclusively as patrol craft, monitoring territorial borders and various zones in space of strategic value. Thanks to their high self sufficiency, large crew compliment, and relative speed, these vessels sometimes serve as exploration ships. These ships are highly prized by minifigs and members of a faction's space corps are always ecstatic to receive posting on one. Corvettes are almost universally equipped with boarding teknology, allowing minifigs to take the fight to one another even in the depths of space and capture one another's vessels on their own terms.


Carrier Starships are vessels that have been built primarily for transportation, whether of cargo or personnel. They are heavily armored and shielded but typically maintain only defensive weaponry. Carriers are often large creations, the better to hold more cargo space but also to maintain their massive engines. The most effective Carriers are also relatively fast, if not maneuverable, so that they may get into combat or away from it in time. Small Carriers are sometimes called Dropships, whereas large carriers range from Planetary Landers to Starfighter Bases.

Battle Class

Battle Starships are the big guns of a space fleet, though they are powerful enough to sometimes operate along during small or limited engagements. They are medium to very large self propelled combat space craft, typically heavily armed and armored, equipped with a vast array of practical systems, extremely self sufficient, and usually capable of extraordinary speeds.


Frigates are vessels that are built for speed and maneuverability, pure and simple. Offensive (as much as it can be) and defensive capabilities are an afterthought in a Frigate's main design. Frigates typically serve as command vessels for escort groups and as tactical lynchpins, outmaneuvering and outflanking enemy formations.


Destroyers are defensive warships, heavily armored and/or shielded and equipped with a battery of anti-everything weaponry. They are the protectors of convoys and the main command ships in a blockade. Destroyers are built to be fast and maneuverable, like their Frigate cousins with whom they share many responsibilities, but tend to sacrifice positioning power for more defensive and tactical weaponry.


Cruisers are some of the more common heavy hitters among Starships. They are often very large vessels which are fully outfitted to operate alone and remain self sufficient for as long as it takes to complete any give mission. Given that these duties may include long range patrol and surveillance, some Cruisers can outlast some Capital Ships. Cruisers also engage lone raids and massive transport (often serving as blockade busters). When they are paired with other ships in a fleet, it is often in an escort position.


Battleships are the penultimate in offensive space combat ships. They are equipped with a bewildering arrangement of really very powerful and very large guns, highly specialized tactical weaponry, and (where they'll fit) broadsides of smaller defensive weapons tek. Battleships are so focused on offensive and tactical systems that they don't care much about defensive capability and only maintain enough power in the engines to get them into a fight. They're big, they're scary, and they're some of the best common ships in any given fleet. Large or truly colossal Battleships are sometimes called Dreadnoughts or Super-Dreadnoughts.

Capital Class

Capital Starships are singularly the most badass ships a fleet generally has to offer. Massive constructions that dwarf all other ships, Capital Ships often serve as mobile headquarters for faction leaders or other important personages. When outfitted for war, which is almost always the case, Capital Ships carry the biggest, most ridiculous guns and are equipped with some serious Epitek. When non-militarily outfitted, Capital Ships might serve as city sized pleasure cruises and the like (keeping in mind that a minifig's idea of pleasure is, well, war). Capital Starships of a particular Specification come in ones, so exorbitant is their cost and their resource demands, especially during operation.


Flagships are the single best ships a faction has to offer. These ships represent the concerted effort of years of work, sometimes involving Human intervention, a truly colossal economic expenditure, and the most bleeding edge tek the group can get their hands on. Flagships are meant to put the fear of god into enemies. There is no such thing as excess where they are concerned. Often, but not always, Flagships will serve as transport for the faction's leaders and they will coordinate governing from there. Flagships always, however, whenever they are deployed, serve as the command ship for a fleet or battlegroup.

Planet Buster

Also called Planet Killers, these ships are literally just an unthinkably massive gun with an engine strapped to it that is big enough to push it around at a reasonable speed. They are, as the name implies, capable of destroying entire planets and are even sometimes armored or shielded enough to survive the devastation they wreak. Planet Busters are behemoths which are incapable of maneuvering and defending themselves. They require an escort in the face of an enemy strong enough and fast enough to pick it apart before it reaches its "stationary" target.

Mythik Class

These MythiTek Human creations transcend minifig understanding. They are the massive storage units that Humans use to transport everything from the smallest stud or minifig to the largest Capital Ship anywhere among the MultiVerses.


BOXES are typically cardboard constructions, flimsy and weak but just sturdy enough to do the job of transporting the pieces. They are not highly effective at protecting the components within.


BINS are typically plastic constructions, solid and strong and more than capable of transporting elements while protecting them from outside forces. Their main disadvantage, however, lies in the inability to protect shifting pieces inside the storage space from damaging themselves.

Space Teknology Designation

A designation can be applied to any individual space teknology of any Class. These designations might refer to Epitek upgrades that any space vehicle or machine could be retrofitted to receive or to specific and significant functions any space teknology could be outfitted to perform. Whatever players can imagine applying, as a template, to any space tek, no matter how silly can serve as a designation.


Used for Starship Space Teknologies, Escort is a designation that can be attached to any vessel, indicating its status as part of a convoy, namely in a protective detail.


This designation represents the merging of any two or more Space Teknologies into one unit. As Teknology in the BrikVerse advances, this is becoming a more commonplace engineering tactic.

Merchant Vessel

Used for Starship Space Teknologies, this designation denotes a Starship that is not prepared for battle, instead serving as a cargo or other such civilian ship only.

Movement Capability

Fast, slow, interstellar, intergalactic, multi-dimensional, orbital or any number of other such descriptors can be applied to any Space Teknology to determine how it moves.


Small, normal, large, or any other such descriptors can be applied to any Space Teknology, representing the described variance from the norm listed for that Class, Specification, or Grouping of that item.


Used for Starship Space Teknologies, Warships designate a Starship as prepared for battle. Civilian vessels that have been converted for war also receive this designation.