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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Mark Suckerberg
Country: United Systems Alliance
NASDAQ: FB 167.40 -3.78 (-2.21%)

"Move fast and destroy things"

Spacebook is an online social network based in the state of California and the brainchild of its founder, Mark Suckerberg, from his college dorm days. Initially envisioned as a website for rating gurls' attractiveness, Spacebook quickly expanded to become an online community for college students, then the general public.

Users on the site, after registering, can create a profile, add friends, message/poke each other, and post status updates and photos. They also get notifications of relevant and irrelevant activity, mostly their friends playing Barnville and Confectionary Crush Saga. The service also has the useful feature of stalking people you know and learning everything about them, especially before meetings or dates. Spacebook has over a trillion active users.

Spacebook has recently been criticized for its privacy policies, especially selling data to advertisers. A movie was made about the company's founding and the early life of Suckerberg, called The Antisocial Network.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: $27.6 trillion 54.2%
Profits: $10.2 trillion 177.0%
Total Assets: $65.0 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: $59.2 trillion
Market Value: $492.6 trillion
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