Squidhead Dominion

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Squidhead Dominion
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Feudal Empire
TL 6
Distant Galaxy
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Notable People

A vast empire consisting of a galaxy distant in the BrikVerse. Originally native to the oceanic planet Seeworld, the Squidheads quickly established control over their singular planet and expanded rapidly across their galaxy. A species of narcissists, all Squidheads suffer from delusions of grandeur. As a result, Squidhead society is hyper-competitive and incredibly hateful towards other species and themselves. Squidhead dominated planets reap the bounty of grand interstellar trade, as the cost of loss of autonomy.

Despite the vastness of the Dominion, the Squidheads are a divisive minifig lot. Squidhead society is set up in a feudal way. The minor nobles; the Squid Knights, will claim a warship (Such as the Rial) as their fief. They are in turn subordinate to a Squid Baron, who commands a powerful warship (Such as the Morlock) and leads a fleet. Using these assets, a Squid Baron will often dominate and administrate a planetary body, claiming it for the Dominion. The Squid Barons in turn serve a powerful Squid Overlord, who resides in a massive Squid Station. A structure of enormous power and arrogance, Squid Stations are used as homes for most Squidheads and to oversee entire star systems. Overlords and Barons are constantly fighting other fiefdoms while they're not subjugating the local species; a Baron might break off his fleet and jump into unknown systems or attack a rival's planet at a moment's notice.

Instead of colonizing worlds, prospective Squid Barons will compel insurgencies or otherwise dominate a planet, ruling from orbit. Its citizens tend to assimilate into Squidhead society as second-class citizens. Due to the sheer amount of Byzantine scheming Squidheads conduct on one-another, they rarely have much time to deal with their underlings. Rather ironically, these subjugated species tend to be better off in the dominion than the actual Squidheads.

A Squid Baron, Squid Knight, and some underlings onboard of the bridge of the Morlock.


Races Subjugated by the Squidhead Dominion (Examples)

Warewolves, Bedouin Space Orks, Skeetermen, Patrackians

Squidheads and Near Squids

There are two general categories of Squidheads; true Squidheads and the Near-Squids. These Near-Squids come from the same genetic background as true Squidheads, but some differences came. There are two types; the Manta Men and Skadwordians. Near-Squids enjoy most the rights that Squidheads have, though they are often looked down upon.

The Manta Men are more removed genetically. While Squidheads are grandiose, selfish, and prone to backstabbing, the Manta Men are highly cooperative and united as a group. It's said that if the Dominion was founded by the Manta Men, the universe would have been long conquered. Highly industrious and militaristic, Manta Men crewed fleets are known for their tenacity in battle. In recent times, frustrated Manta Men have broken off from the Dominion to form rebel groups. This insurrection has proven itself an able adversary, and may severely threaten the Dominion in times to come.

Relations with the Galaxy

As a foreign species, the Squidheads have had little contact with standards minifigs. In the great wars of antiquity, some Squidheads found themselves in this galaxy, where they were often oppressed by the authoritarian Space Cops. In BR 2,009, one subject was found in the criminal underground. Oddly enough, his claims as "King of the Squidheads" was a delusion shared by many of his contemporaries. Now, splinter fleets of the Squidhead Dominion have stumbled into the Galaxy, ready to expand their ancient and fracturing empire...

The Morlock.
The Echo battlecarrier.
The Rial light frigate.

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