Steel Stallions

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Steel Stallions
Steel stalions flag.jpg
Tek Level 6
Controls Ironos star sector in Tharcan Galaxy
M-Throne Empire
Uncivilized and/or tribal greens
Notable People
Timus Stalos

Steel Stallions is a Galactic Marine Faction that controls Ironos star sector and continue its existence as a local government on the border ofM-Throne Imperial Territory. Steel Stallions is a member state of the Intergalactic Marine confederation.

Government Structure and Economy

Timus Stalos, "The First Citizen"
Space Stallions is a semi-democratic and ethnocratic faction. The ruler of the faction is called "the first citizen" and it is chosen with elections with open vote method. The first citizen is also the leader of the armed forces which employs nearly %60 of the citizens. Others work mostly in industrial facilities like weapon factories. When a first citizen dies, the next first citizen would be his son most likely since the blood tie is a very important concept in steel stallions culture (And of course it would not be easy to be an opponent applicant at the elections against the rulers son).
Steel Stallion Marines.
Steel Stallions are mainly a militaristic faction and the factions economy depends on wars. M-Throne Empire hires the armed forces of Steel stallions to protect the imperial borders against alien factions. The faction trades military service and weapons with other factions and the M-Throne Empire in exchange with food, fuel, textiles and medical supplies.

Ethnicity and Culture

All members of the Steel Stallions citizens are peach. They identify their skin color as "holy skin color". According to their religion the human gods who created the LegOre has the same skin color. They are racist on their thoughts but they can not act racist against yellows. because any racist activity is forbidden by the M-Throne Imperial Law. They fought many battles against greens side by side with the M-Throne Imperial Army which mainly consist of yellow people.

Armed Forces

Steel Stallions Marines are considered as one of the best soldiers in the galaxy. They combine psychical strength with mental stability. The army has many brilliant commanders as well. The army is divided to battalions and each battalion consist of 1000 soldiers in total. There are hundred battalions all together.

The Steel Stallion battalions are equipped with various vehicles most of which are fast air/space vehicles since the Space Stallion Marines are specialized in hit&run combats and assault missions. Few tanks and slow land vehicles are only used for defense.

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