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In BrikWars, there is probably nothing more satisfying than witnessing the complete and utter annihilation of a city block. Watching buildings get torn apart by artillery and having snipers fight each other from the rooftops probably has more awesome than anything else. With that in mind the Minifigs often construct houses, office buildings, bunkers, and restaurants from which to do battle and to destroy. In addition to the obvious, structures can also be used as objectives or they may house objectives in a tactical battle and may even serve to modify the Battlescape in some manner. As such, structures are often the players' most versatile terrain.


Famous Buildings

Hospital 555

Yellow Castle

Atmospheric and Tactical Buildings


Airports are locations that vary from a huge, crowded, self-contained community to a dirt streak in a pasture with a lifeguard chair for a control tower. It is here where planes take off after being loaded with passengers, snakes, bombs or whatever mayhem the Humans see fit. Planes, however, tend not to actually land at airports since they usually explode, crash, or make good use of Kamikaze tactiks.

Possible Uses:

  • Access to aviation vehicles.
  • The large number of civilians could serve as allies or neutral parties.
  • Planes could serve as explosive caches or deathtraps.
  • Planes could deploy reinforcements.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Airports contain lots of open space with very little real cover, even inside the terminals. If there are a lot of civilians, however, soft cover can be obtained by using the crowd to one's advantage.
  • High ground advantage exists from the tower and arriving or departing planes. Since the planes are temporary affairs, the tower is sure to be an objective of contention.

Armories and Supply Depots


Castles and Defensive Installations

GasStations and TruckStops

Large and Small Business Offices


Many countries and empires maintain a strong police force to deal with the inevitable crimes that occur in a society where everyone aspires to become a mass murderer. Unlike in the Human world, such feats of violence are glorified parts of a minifig's everyday life, police forces don't exist to prevent or punish homicidal rampages, but merely to regulate them at a government-prescribed level and to otherwise maintain their governments' executive monopoly on mass slaughter. During periods of low homicide rates, police forces really have no good reason to exist other than to annoy and ticket speeding drivers, consume copious amounts of ABS donuts and coffee, and engage in the occasional shootout or awesome high-speed chase; these have the effects of disgruntling the local citizens and increasing their propensity to go on wild murder sprees. These cops are housed at police stations, of which there is usually at least one in every town or city. Police stations are quite large, but only have room to hold 1 or 2 kriminals at a time. This tiny inmate capacity is rarely an issue because every cell has at least one breakable or missing wall, a design innovation which has been found to be an effective means of preventing prison overcrowding.

Possible Uses:

  • A Station could serve as an impromptu weapons cache.
  • Officers could serve as allies or a neutral party that attacks and arrests interlopers.
  • Criminals could serve as allies if broken out or a neutral party that attacks nearby minifigs.
  • Stations could serve as a "doomsday clock," limiting the number of available turns before an Officer calls in government reinforcement to "contain" the situation.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Reinforced walls and cells make for excellent cover. Conversely, action-breakable walls make for enhanced mobility and possible deceptive movement.
  • Trained allies may turn the tide of battle or, at least, give one time to deploy a new tactik.

Residential Areas

Restaurants and Other Food Service Businesses

Hostile Environment Structures

Moon, Asteroidal, or Space Facilities

UnderWater Installations

Specialized and Utility Structures




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