Super Mega Brikpocalypse Holiday Killtacular 2012

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Super Mega Brikpocalypse Holiday Killtacular 2012
Forum Battle

Campaign: None

Started: Dec 21, 2012

Finished: No finish date

Hosted By: Alex

Alex - The Most Interesting Man in the World

Aoffan23 - Civilians

Silverdream - Psy / Band

Lawmaster - Police

Kalvinator - B.A. Team

Keldoclock - Survivalists

Scratch - Looters

RunsWithLegos - Azteks

Darkpaladin - Egyptian Mummies

Secret Factions:

Silent-Sigfig - Major Patriotism

Brikboyz - Manly Fucking Santa

Mgb519 - Kevin McCanister

DeltaV - The Master

Unlimited Overkill - Zombies

Zupponn The Exterminator

501st Cadians - Corrupted Spacemen

Pwnerade - Quetzalcoatl

Alphafalcon541 - Duke Ossum and Sgt Cortex

SVGK - Army

Heavyfishcannon - Metal Cultists

Xaman Ek

The Killer Rabbit

Mad Scientist and Lab Creations

Four Horsemen of the Brikpocalypse

None listed
Forum Threads
Top Thread: Forum Thread

Turn 0: Forum Thread

Turn 1: Forum Thread

Turn 2: Forum Thread

Turn 3: Forum Thread

Turn 4: Forum Thread

2013 arrived and the apocalypse was a dud. It figures. To honor our still-livingness, Alex and mgb519 created an end of the world BrikWar with all the craziness and insanity that you would expect. Aztecs, Mummies, the BA Team, and even The Most Interesting Man in the World duke it out because, um, well, it’s Brikwars!



Forum Thread

Killtacular concert.jpg

It's December 21, 2012, and the world hasn't ended. People are celebrating the not-end-of-the-world and not dying horrible, painful deaths. Some people are relaxing at the beach. Others are enjoying a concert. Psy is performing with a punk rocker and a guy with maracas. The chef tries to ensure that there is plenty of delicious food to go around. The Most Interesting Man in the World is providing people with Dos Briquis, the official beer of the concert, and otherwise being awesome. The police are there to make sure things don't get too crazy or out of hand.

The B.A. Team is having their own party in their warehouse/headquarters. They are well equipped with weapons and vehicles. Some survivalists are holed up next door, believing that the apocalypse is imminent. They are also well supplied in terms of guns and food. Some looters also show up to take anything they can get their hands on.

Some archaeologists are doing an exhibition on an Egyptian tomb. The fisherman catches a monstrous fish, a sign of things to come.

One man is just standing in a field. Then he isn't, as an Aztek temple warps in on top of him. They want captives to sacrifice to their gods.

The resulting radiation reanimates the corpses of the mummies. They want to kill everyone around them.

Turn 1

Forum Thread

Killtacular woo.jpg

All factions mobilize, climbing aboard their various cars, boats, motorcycles, and cows. The Police engage the looting Looters, the Mummies attack the Archaeologists, and the Azteks attack everybody. There are early kills and unexpected hugs.

Psy's concert gets off to an explosive start when he manages to summon dancing girls but immediately gets them and his maraca player blown up by pyrotechnics. With the percussion section destroyed, a dreadlocked girl takes up her glowsticks, and the Chef takes up his drumsticks, and the ensuing battle transforms the Chef into the musclebound Tommy Alfredo.

The concert begins to get out of hand, with racecar drivers doing doughnuts in the crowd, and a gorilla-suited dude running off with one of the concertgoers.

Following serious civilian casualties at the hands of the Azteks and Mummies, Major Patriotism and Manly Fucking Santa arrive.

Turn 2

Forum Thread

The mummies continue their rampage and kill the boat passengers, among others. The old archaeologist survives multiple attacks by the mummies, earning hero status and revealing himself to be the renowned German archaeologist Dr. HMG.

Officer Jenkins intimidates most of the looters into submission, and the one other remaining police officer begins cuffing them. Manly Fucking Santa drops a jingle bomb on the police and looters, causing chaos. Two looters break into the blue and white house only to be greeted by a rigged shotgun. Kevin McCanister has been accidentally left home alone by the survivalists, and has booby trapped his house.

The Azteks and mummies begin fighting each other.The slaughter on the beach continues, and some civilians begin to fight back with energy swords and tennis balls. The survivalists convince a lifeguard to take a ride on their totally awesome party jeep while stealing Aztek gold.

The guitar player rocks a solo so hard that it literally melts the concert-goers' faces off and causes one person to spontaneously combust. The Dos Briquis guy continues to be awesome by opening bottles with his beard. The Exterminator, a time-travelling cyborg assassin, is discovered after being slapped with a fish.

Major Patriotism demonstrates how the enemies of justice will get shafted by impaling three mummies in a row on his flagpole.

A horde of zombies then shamble onto the battlefield, hungry for brains.

Turn 3

Forum Thread

Officer Jenkins radios in for backup. A police helicopter flies in and strafes Santa's sleigh with gunfire before crashing and exploding due to spilled coffee. Jenkins proves that some cops die hard, surviving an explosion and several attacks.

The B.A. Team spring into action, accomplishing feats such as splattering zombies, wounding Officer Jenkins and dropkicking Psy and stealing the mic.

Guy Fox the self proclaimed leader of the anonymous looters, convinces members of the crowd to join in their quest to steal the globe standing by the Dos Briquis guy. The Dos Briquis guy will have none of this, and kills several attackers.

The exterminator rips a civilian in half before locking onto his target: Psy. Psy creates universal gangnam, conscripting audience members to defend him with gangnam style.

The Azteks and mummies continue their slaughter, resulting in the death of several Aztek elites and the Pharaoh Mummhotep, among others. Mummhotep's spirit posesses a statue. The survivalists ask for help from the Mayan god Xaman Ek.

Manly Fucking Santa throws down a rocket launcher to Guy Fox before summoning some killer hos.

After a surfer wipes out and destroys the zen of the dojo, the Master emerges to restore balance to the universe.

The U.S. army arrives to restore order and the Corrupted Spacemen appear to destroy everything.

Turn 4

Forum Thread

A radioactive mummy explodes, killing all of the killer hos.

One looter steals the globe and puts it on his head, trying to become a youtube sensation. Guy Fox reveals most of the beer kegs to really be full gunpowder before blowing them and the bar up.

The Corrupted Spacemen start trying to kill everyone and blow up Santa's sleigh.

The Aztek emperor Briktezuma uses blood sacrifice to summon Xaman Ek and Quetzalcoatl. The Azteks also get a mech.

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