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Ah Nu Cheeki Breeki iv damke
Tek Level 6
Originating in the Gold Sector. Influence over the western Arms. primarily in Galacia, Poland, USSSR and the 45th Union
None listed
Cherhovna Bryhada (Gold Sector)
45th Union (Secret dealings)
Galacia (Secret dealings)
Strapone Outfit (Purple Sector)
Immortal Empire (Secretly)
Space Mafia
45th Union
Space Cops
Notable People
Volk, Kane, Charon, Kast Renzo
The subject matter of this article is considered to be part of the "Nehellenium Universe Kanon" and thus became abandoned after the Ragnablok of 2018-2019. it is preserved for archival purposes but is considered Non-Kanon in the post Ragnablok era

The Syndikat /Sinn-De-Katt/ (Galacian Slavonik: синдикат) синдикат is a major, militarized criminal organization of piraes, gangsters, mercenaries, drug dealers and other shitlords that operates in the Western Arms of Galaxia Nehellenium

Syndikat Pirates attacking a Space Club owned by the Space Mafia



The Syndikat started out as several competing gangs of pirates, slavers, smugglers, mercenaries and drug runners. Around R.2017 The strongest of the gangs met together after realizing they were spending more time fighting with one another than pushing their respective trades, losing money and influence. The leader of one of the Largest Slaver gangs, "Golder" proposed an alliance of all criminal organizations in the Western Arms. And thus the Syndikat was born with Golder as it's first Overboss, Golder would be captured and killed by Soviet authorities, and his successor, Volk would take over and would expand Syndikat's influence tenfold, Allying with powerful groups such as Cherhovna Bryhada, and essentially taking over almost half of the Gold Sector (Although the territory Syndikat controls there is all unexplored, uncolonized space in the west)

Leadership and Members

Syndikat is a single entity of several once independent gangs, These gangs are essentially the equivalent of different cultures within the same "nation". With their differences they all hold the same values of Violence, Greed and Debauchery. Each of these gangs has their own goals, fronts, style, and even their own bosses. Each of these bosses are apart of a sort of "Criminal Council" although they are all subject , and pay tribute to the Overboss. Essentially the smaller groups perform a specific service or specialty within the syndikat while it's regular pirates and muscle do the rest

Volk is the current Overboss of the Syndikat, Only the second Overboss in the organization's history,The Overboss is supposed to come from a neutral background, usually an unaffiliated outsider who has the respect of the other bosses, or the boss of a Syndikat Gang that is being dissolved or folded into another. The laws of succession were supposed to be that the Overboss picks a successor, but Volk Abolished that changed it to the neutral party policy. Although at the same time there is an unwritten rule of "The strongest reigns", although this practice of usurping is usually held in check with the knowledge that even if an Overboss pisses all his underlings off, they'll tear each other apart in the succession crisis. So usually one can only be overthrown if the usurpers find another, neutral outsider to serve as Replacement.

Gangs within Syndikat

The four main "clans" within Syndikat, that assist the main Syndikat forces. Stosstropp, Troika, The Purge, and The Renegades
  • The Bratya - An unofficial name for the unaffiliated members who are under the direct command of the Overboss, they fly the Syndikat Skull
  • Stosstropp - A group of eugenics Nazis with great disdain for "Mutants", They mostly deal in kidnapping and slave driving
  • Troika - A clan of former military minifigs turned to a life of crime, They are the Syndikat's primary gun runners and smugglers
  • The Purge - A clan of bloodthirsty maniacs, they are the Syndikat's most violent group, fanatically worshipping the Old Pagan God of Blood "Rakhata", they raid and pillage almost exclusively, they also hand over captives to Stosstropp to sell into slavery
  • Renegades - The lowest on the pecking order, the Renegades are a smaller outfit who are primarily involved in the drug trade, manufacturing substances like Mindfuck.


Syndikat Bosses are known to have stakes in the following legal and illegal operations

  • Participation in the Black Market arms trade and other Gunrunning
  • Manufacturing, smuggling and trafficking of drugs. Primarily Mindfuck
  • Extortion and Protection racketeering
  • Murder and assassination of civilians, police and rival mobsters
  • Influencing civilians and politicians through violence, or other more subtle means
  • Sabotage of Industrial, Governmental, Military and business property
  • Armed Mercenary services
  • Kidnapping and Slave Driving
  • Raiding and Piracy

Syndikat thugs, somewhere in the Western Galacian colonies
Syndikat "Whacking" is crude and brutal even by mobster standards


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