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Representative Apathetic Democracy
Tek Level 5.5
None listed

Scythian Empire Third Alliance

Brittanian League

Immortal Empire VoL

Notable People
Bob the Unbuilder

cloned Deadly SpaceMan


The T.L.A. (Three Letter Acronym) is a remnant of a major extragalactic civilization that arrived in the Galaxia Nehellenium after their original homeworlds were overrun by a mysteeeeeerious alien menace. By Koincidence, the system that they chose as their new home was situated on the border between the Scythian Empire and the Brittanian League, forcing them to immediately choose sides in the Immortal War. They sided with the Anti-Immortal Alliance, and as a result the Refuge system has been under constant siege by the Britannian fleet for almost an entire Galactik Revolution.

History (pre-Exodus)

The T.L.A. (Three Letter Acronym) were once a roving band of mercenaries in a distant galaxy. Inspired by the flourishing civilization around them, they decided to claim a few unowned planets for themselves and set up their own enlightened, democratic society, with (as was the custom there) a three-word name that reduced easily to an acronym. For a time their new nation was wildly successful, colonizing many planets and filling their skies with vast orbiting shipyards that churned out some of the best transports and warships in the galaxy. Their fortunes changed when the galaxy was attacked by a mysterious alien menace that swept through the once-mighty Galactic civilization, destroying, looting, and assimilating all who stood in their way. The T.L.A. converted their orbital shipyards into self-contained colony vessels and escaped the galaxy entirely, shortly before their home worlds, along with all who had elected to remain behind, were overrun.

History (modern)

The T.L.A. arrived in an unclaimed star system on the border between Scythian and Britannian space, and were immediately challenged by an Immortal battle group. The resulting battle involved multiple factions from both sides of the Immortal War, and ended with the Immortals and their allies driven from the T.L.A.'s new home. However, the Britannian League soon retaliated and invaded Refuge, driving the T.L.A. into a hidden network of underground caverns. Vastly outnumbered, the T.L.A. attempted to even the odds by raiding an archaeological dig site for Deadly SpaceMan teknology. They acquired a Gyro Pistol, a relatively insignificant artifakt by itself, but scans revealed traces of Deadly SpaceMan DNA on the weapon. They were able to sequence this DNA and clone a Deadly SpaceMan to lead their forces against Brittannia...


The T.L.A.'s government is a representative democracy with an extremely extensive system of checks and balances and zero voter participation. In practice, this means that politicians cannot get anything done and simply vote themselves back into office at the end of each term. Only a major crisis, such as the Peach incursion, can motivate the politicians to take action or the apathetic citizenry to vote. The presidential election is something of an exception, as citizens consider it to be a kind of competitive sport. Since G.R. 2008, the office of President has been held by Bob the Unbuilder, a former construction worker and part-time mercenary. Unable to exert much influence over the government, Bob spends his time leading the T.L.A. army into battle atop his custom-built hover killdozer.

President Bob's Hover Killdozer.jpg


The T.L.A. are master shipbuilders, due to their mastery of fusion technology and ultralight ABS construction material. However, as they arrived from a galaxy much less violent than their new home, their weapons technology lags behind that of many Brikwars factions; in particular, they lack the fine control of energy required to construct laser weaponry, relying primarily on projectiles and missiles. Their missiles are quite effective, however, due to their expertise in shipbuilding.