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Tanks are without question one of the most reliable vehicles that mini-figs can call on when carnage is the rule of the day. for almost a century, tanks have been used to accelerate carnage. Originally invented by Redcoat scientists to fight off pirates. Original tanks were powerful, but impractical, due to the nature of there steam powered boilers. Later Dimmies would create there own tanks, based on original plans, while suffering from all the trademarks of Dimmy engineering, they were effective. Later though the technology would become more widespread for normal mini-figs to build these vehicles, which were of higher quality than there predecessors.

While technically defined as a mobile all terrain gun platform, driven by treads, with a cannon capable of firing while mobile, most mini-figs find this definition too strict, to them a tank can be any armored vehicle with weapons and 'Tank' in its name. The ranks of tanks now include all sorts of war machines, such as walking and hovering tanks.

Types of Tank

Tracked: Most tanks use treads for propulsion Walking: Some vehicles use legs to climb over rough terrain, and make effective (awesome) tanks Hover: Use some bull mumbo-jumbo to achieve flight despite the lack of spinny bits Super: A pre-fix added when someone needs to increase there piltogg level.

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