Tasks of Mayhem

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The Four Tasks of Mayhem, as they are colloquially known are as follows, for any fool who wishes to become a Half-Dimmy:

  • First, thou shall take the oath of mayhem, "I swareth to do all in my power to eliminate thy order and monochromasity, O universe".
  • Secondly, all thine armies must be vanquished within the space of one more than one turn.
  • Thirdly, to prove dimmy power over their rivals in mayhem, thy quest shallst be to steal two of the great Triangles of the Triangleists and merge them to form the Quadralateral of Foursightedness. This shall be thine key to the final step.
  • Finally, thou art encumbered with the task of gaining entry unto the Temple of the Nega-BlokTrix, where you must lick the statue that resideth there for the millenia passed.

Once these tasks are completed, it is foretold that a beam of rainbow light shall descend from the heavens, encompassing all of Dimmydom, and thou shall become a Half-Dimmy.

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