Techion Sovereignty

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Techion Sovereignty
TL 5
Small Empire
None listed
None listed
Dominion,Desert Nomads, New Republik, MOTA Peaches
Notable People
Techion Sovereignty forces

"Technology is Power, With Technology we cleanse the wastes"

The Techion Sovereignty is a Technocratic Scientific Evolutionist group who hoard technology, and experiment with cybernetics, weapons, robotics and are even rumoured to posess technology that is not of this world, all in the name of what they call "Enlightenment" They are in many ways similar to the Dominion, Ruled by a single figure known only as the Overlord. In the TS every fig has a duty all in the name of science and evolution, Non-Military Personnel are usually workers or researchers. The TS are wholly intolerant of outsiders who they deem lesser minds unworthy of existence,

The Soverigntey's maintains a smaller army than other factions, but it's soldiers are equipped with Advanced Energy weapons that outclass most enemy weapons due to the fact that most other factions still maintain conventional weaponry, and primitive, unreliable energy weapons. In theory the Techions posess the best armed and armoured army in the wasteland, but their fanatical ideologies and incredibly reckless tactics leave a lot to be desired.Nevertheless their foot soldiers have clear purposes and roles. Their vehicles on the other hand are rather unorganized, possessing no clear doctrine for their use, Most TS vehicles are not comparable to other faction vehicles because the TS do not use conventional APCs, or Tanks, but instead focusing mainly on light attack vehicles, small combat walkers, and swarms of airmobile drones which no other faction posess.

The TS Combat stragety focuses on shock and awe and focused firepower, Bringing their advanced weaponry to bear on the enemy's weak points and exploiting it, Attacking enemies from the front Using waves of Fanatical Zealots backed up by skiled adepts and Auroras, and from all sides from their flying combat drones. Their true power is held back by their fanaticism, many TS Figs are simply undisciplined, and even insane, Which oppononents will take advantage of.

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