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Tek Level is a holdover from the 2001 Edition of BrikWars and is intended to represent an army or unit's teknological sophistication. In that earlier form of the game, units attempting to use teknology a single Tek Level (TL) beyond their ken suffered a penalty to Skill in its use. These units were further barred from using teknology above that level. TLs range from level 0 to level 7, representing the spectrum from the most primitive of teknologikal ability to the most advanced, respectively. TLs are still used by some players as a narrative device, intended to provide an "at-a-glance" overview of a particular faction's capabilities, but the actual mechanics of the system are far more rarely considered in the face of the much simpler and streamlined ruleset ideology found in the 2005 Edition.

For reference, the following outlines the Tek Levels as presented in the 2001 rulebook:

Tek Level Age Associated TechKnowlogy
0 Stone Age CaveMen–Clubs, big rox. Dim mies–jun ioriz ing zom bie venom,

stupidity, freckles

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