Teknologikal Nomenklature

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Though, invariably, naming will vary wildly from faction to faction as a large, diverse array of players contributes to the BrikVersian narrative, there is a very general and very basic schema for naming and identifying teknology. As with anything BrikWars, players are never restricted to this schema and can always forgo it in favor of their own. However, the approach presented here provides a default fallback for players without one of their own and a default organizational structure within which players can place their teknologies for reference purposes. The scheme remains the same in format but may sometimes change in individual definition for particular types of Tek. Where this is the case, it will be noted in that type of tek's article entry.

Type or Name

The most basic part of a particular piece of teknology's reference ID is it's type, or name. This might be deciding on something to call a tank or a gun or a space station or it may be calling out the item's owner, whether by faction or individual.


A teknology's class groups it into a broad, general family of design. Class is a top level concept, encompassing the other conventions to follow.


A piece of Tek's specification is a description of its design specs that are altered from from the main, central design presented by the tek's class. Various specs that contain a common design, with only a few parts significantly altered, are grouped under the same class.


A tek's designations are description tags that further identify and define the tek in full. These tags might identify a design element created by a particular inventor or engineer, the tek's movement, offense, or defense capabilities, or the function or purpose of the design as pertains to an individual or faction.