The Almighty Benny Deletes The Entire Goddamn Board For No Real Reason Act of 2010

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General Discussion: A Rebirth
by Almighty Benny » Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:12 am
Forum Thread

ok, so I vacuumed general discussion a little...

The thing is, the more threads I deleted, the more angry I became at the fact that 99% of them should never have even been classified as "general discussion."

In summation:

Every thread that I even remotely glanced at that did not immediately intrigue me has been wiped from what had become the most feculent, mod-forsaken recesses of the forum. From the ashes a new general discussion shall arise that will undoubtedly be just as bad as the old one, albeit a bit less cluttered and hopeless.

Q: where are my old posts goes? A: Gone. Gone forever. You will probably survive without them.

You're welcome.

P.S. Historic moment! At the time of this post, general discussion is the smallest forum on the forums, only half the size of Almost Thirty!

In a single night in January 2010, Almighty Benny went on a drunken rampage and deleted thirty thousand forum posts without warning. This is regarded as the single finest act of moderation ever witnessed.

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