The Cradle of Evil

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The Cradle of Evil
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Battle Report

Campaign: The Setanian Campaign

Started: 2010 01/16

Finished: 2010 01/16

Hosted By: MNGG

Ianamore: Setanian Defense Force

Piltogg: Akkadian Empire Akkadia.gif

Samwize: Necronian Hordes of Sigtar

Akkadian Victory Akkadia.gif
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The Cradle of Evil

In the once prosperous land of Setania, there was a city called Bricktopia (no relation), and all the citizens who lived there were quite happy. Until one day, one of the people who lived in Bricktopia discovered an old cave, and within that cave he found a large statue. Curious, he brought it out to the city for all the minifigs to see.

As it turned out, that particular statue was an effigy of Nega-BlokTrix's ex-boyfriend Nega-Plate. The citizens were unaware of this fact, so they just placed it in the town square, where it was enjoyed by all. However, due to its nega-warping effects, it eventually destroyed most of the city, leaving mini-megaliths where the buildings used to stand. All teams wish to capture some interesting stuff there.

Each turn, each army got another unit, which spawned at one of three points within their starting area. the game ended at turn 10. the objectives were as follows...

Capture of statue - 50 points

Capture of Sakuradite - 50 points each (3)

Destruction or protection of Senor Palomar - 20 points

Retrieval of Sakuradite reactor - 20 points

Destruction or protection of the Deadly SpaceMan's tomb - 20 points

The Setanian Campaign
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