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just going to be a little rinky-dink page to show my stuff, no point in posting it on the forums since it's already been seen months ago and nothing is new. ~Kastrenzo



Brikrigton is a mid sized world in a hostile region of space, The planet has been been the site of several invasions and internal conflicts, Including several Negaverse Minion invasions, The constant wars on this world have prevented a single entity from rising to power. and whenever a faction did rise to dominate the planet, it wouldn't be long before it either fell apart internally or was taken off it's throne by rebellions.

The earliest known religion was based on which color brik a fig would come into existence *or to be born* Under. The meanings of each color have long been forgotten, but it is widely accepted that there were originally six colors in the cycle. These would later be used for national identities, and the number would grow to 12.

The Original Colors that a Minifig would be "born under", Which later came to represent the six most powerful Nations. White, Red, Black, Yellow, Green and Blue.

And years later, an additional six Lesser Nations would develop. Using the following to represent their states. Dark Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Tan, Brown and Lime


Minifigs first colonized the planet sometime between G.R 1994-1996, Figs of all backgrounds and colors lived and worked together until G.R 2000, The first of three Nega invasion caused the minifigs of Brikrigton to band together and start to organize militias, Based on their Birth Color, these militias would develop into small proper armies. There would be a Nega invasion in G.R 2002 and a third in 2003. by then the people of Brikrigton had formed into a single entity, The Brikrigton Empire, it would be a short lived power, as it was intended to give equal rights to all six color castes, however it was largely dominated by the Whites.

The Color castes would squabble and bicker until G.R 2005 when the Reds and Blacks split from the Empire, and it became less about unity and more about Nationalism, A war would break out between the Loyalists and Sepratists, which would fracture the Empire even further, The Yellows, Greens and Blues would all declare their independence and pick sides in the conflict, or in the case of the Yellows, abstain from the civil war completley. The Yellow state became isolationist and began experimenting with cybernetics.

The Civil War would Last until G.R 2007, The Conflict primarily consisted of the Whites against the Black/Red Alliance. The Blues would fight with the Whites for a time, and the Greens joined the Sepratists. in time the Blues and Greens would both exit their alliances and join together. This was also short lived, By war's end. Each of the major powers had broken all ties with each other and entered a period of rebuilding and rearming. After the Civil war, a Number of minor Nations would pop up, And in the Green state, an outbreak of peach skin condition was discovered, a signifigant majority of the green state would become peach by G.R 2012

Nations of Brikrigton

White Empire

Black Republik

Red Union

Machine Consensus

Blue Sovereignty

Green Confederacy

Minor Nations

Brown-Tan Commonwealth

Orange Protectorate

Dark Grey Free State

Light Grey Satellite State

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