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The Veil is a mysterious, ancient, and massive transparent wall that encircles the entirety of the Vipiriath Spiral. Due to the efforts of Dr. Roselyn Frank, the Veil had a fairly large hole punched in it when she detonated a War(p) Gate in it, allowing interstellar travel to and from the Vipiriath without the use of a Warp Gate. Since then, many fortresses have been found, garrisoned, and asteroids embedded in the Veil's surface have been colonized.


Early Records

The origins of The Veil are not known. In fact, the earliest mentioning of The Veil in the history of the Vipiriath (or BrikVerse as a whole) is that of a Protofig colony on an asteroid fortress that happened to control a gate in The Veil. Surviving archives from their empire's halls and libraries revealed that, not only did they know how to open and close The Veil, they placed to several billion years before them via Transplant Dating. Emerian Transplant Dating proved this.

As this ancient Protofig civilization grew and expanded, through conquest and horribly violent (and sometimes amusing) experiments on one another, the infamous Hospital 555 incident took place, and the DSM revolution soon followed. It took little time for the Deadly Spaceman's vast armies to reach the Vipiriath, and they erased the peaceful Protofigs, and took the system for themselves. They garrisoned the fortresses of the Veil, but knew not it's secrets until too late.


Once more, civilization thrived in the Vipiriath. The Deadly Spacemen brought the Yellows (and infected Yellows who mutated into Peaches who were thus banished into further regions of the Vipiriath) and the beginnings of a new empire. The Brikverse as they knew it suddenly ended for them one faithful day.

DSM researchers and scientists were exploring the former Protofig capital, when one of the researchers touched an ancient computer, activating the Veil and trapping countless DSMs inside the Vipiriath Wheel. Panicked, they contacted DSM Society outside The Veil, who attempted to travel to the stranded DSMs, but instead found themselves impacting the ancient-beyond-understanding GT wall and all dying.

Desperate, the DSMs began pointing fingers. When that failed to go anywhere, the Vipiriath exploded into violence. Entire planets destroyed themselves in a time span of about 5 years, a time span that was pock marked with cataclysmic destruction and warfare (in true BrikWars fashion). Surviving data logs recovered from the wreckage of ancient DSM ships seems to support that The Deadly Spaceman himself wept a manly tear at the BrikWarsy death of this branch of his civilization.

When it became clear that nothing else could be done, The Deadly Spaceman left, and no Deadly Spacemen dwelt near The Veil ever again.

From the Ashes

All was still and quiet in the Vipiriath. What remained of DSM Civilization in the Vipiriath Wheel had degenerated into primitive tribes eking out their miserable existences with stone age tools and comprehension, even on the former capitol world, Vamtopia. The tribals, all over the Vipiriath, Yellow and Peach alike, over time, broadened their understandings of Technology. But, the blood of the DSMs still flowed through their plastic veins, so they were driven to conquest and war with each other.

Countless times, war destroyed a civilization, and a new one rose to take it's place. This vicious cycle continued until a mysterious entity known as "El Hombre Encapuchado," or "The Hooded Man" arrived on Vamtopia, and showed the medieval (at the time) Emerians the full art of war, and the practice of Magic, Religion, and Warp Gates. With these Warp Gates, El Hombre Encapuchado led the Emerians to victory, conquering the other two Emerian Home Worlds, and then took for himself the name, "Voynich."

It was Voynich's powerful leadership that kept the Emerians from destroying the now multi-planet civilization they had made for themselves, and they flourished. Emeria went quite for several thousand years, as the Vipiriath continued to rage quietly.

Rise of Emeria

Several thousand years had passed. Emeria developed a Faster Than Light travel mode known as Slipspace Travel, and the already quick expansion of the Emerian Empire exploded. But, with advancements in travelling technology, the military grew into it's pre-Atlantian War state. Other nations were falling to the Emerians left, right and center. Emerian expansion continued until finally a wormhole opened inside the Vipiriath and carried a fleet of Emerian Dragonheads outside The Veil. Seeing the potential, Voynich began modernizing the ancient magic of the Warp Gate, and then sent a fleet of colony ships through a Warp Gate into the Nehellium. When their venture ended, then were in orbit of a world known as Atlantia, which was just barely embedded in Assyrian space.

Days of EPÉEN

Three years had passed since the Emerians had settled on Atlantia, and that time was pockmarked with strife with the ASE. Finally, relations collapsed entirely and the ASE dispatched an invasion fleet to Atlantia. The Atlantian War had begun. After crushing the Emerian Dragonheads in orbit, the ground invasion began, with the Assyrians winding up with nothing except massive casualties. Emerian reinforcements arrived in orbit, and manged to push the Assyrians back with much loss to the fleet.

Round 2 arrived about a month later, with all available Assyrian military personal being sent to take Atlantia and wipe the Emerian's presence from it. The Emerian fleet in orbit was destroyed by the new wave of Assyrians ships, and hordes of soldiers and tanks landed on the planet's surface. Emerian resistance, while fierce, was proved technologically inferior at the Battle of Drak River, where the bulk of the Emerian army on Atlantia was routed. The rest of the planet fell soon thereafter.

Desperate to get Assyria to stop kicking it's ass, Emeria surrendered on Assyria's terms. These terms included complete Assyrian control of the nation of Emeria and it's income. Assyria gave Emeria the greatest gift it had ever received: modern tek. The military has brought into the modern day, and tanks, planes, new ships, and weapons were created and commissioned. When war broke out between Assyria and the Czech Republic, Emerian Soldado got their first combat experience fighting for the ASE.

20 years passed, and Emeria was released from Assyrian control (and then promptly forgotten about), it began a buildup of military forces, and founded EPÉEN.

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