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*[[The Great Builder]]
*The[[Great Builder]]

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The BrikVerse and all the places it interacts with are home to a staggering amount of creatures, many of them even sentient. With the planes teeming with life, and their own fates seemingly directed by outside forces, it is only natural that copious quantities of theological and philosophical beliefs and ideas would arise from a population struggling to make sense of it all.


There are many cults and religions in the Universe. Here are the more notorious ones.

Major Religions Major Religions are belief sets that are found across the entire Brikverse; virtually any minifig anywhere would have at least heard of them, and they are the plot points of many battles.

Cult ofBrikThulhu





Dice Worship and the Cult of the Player

Dread Pirate Two-By-Two

First Universal Church of Explosions

Forum Code

Other Religions

Cults Cults include fanatical followers, and typically, a cult leader. They can be found anywhere, and are frequently hidden amongst more "normal" minifigs. commonly, they will be frowned upon by proponents of more "mainstream" religions.

The Followers Of Bob

Geometric Cult of Doom


Raptor Jesus

Mystical Juniorism

Faction Specific Religions (minor) These religions are followed by only one or two star-nations and it is therefore very unlikely that you will come across minifigs who follow these belief sets unless you find yourself face to face with one of these factions.

Dungan Shrines

Invisible Pink Unicorn

Space Communism

Volse gods


Philosophy is endless in the BrikVerse, but often very simple. The great questions in life can be answered with the pointy end of a stick.

Basic Understanding



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