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Transparent Elements (so named for their see-through quality) come in a wide variety of forms, usually defined by their color. Each is ABS of some kind but has a unique universal resonance signature, resulting in spectacular and often variable properties (depending on Koincidence, circumstance, and proximity to any given particulate matter). Transparent Elements, then, remain as one of the most potent resources in the entire BrikVerse and minifigs will do much to acquire even the smallest amounts. The Elements are almost always formed in some truly epic fashion and are not naturally occurring so far as anyone knows. Contrary to logik, however, their elemental nature cannot be denied.


Orange Transparent

Orange Transparent ABS (OT) is the most powerful substance known to minifigs. The only source of this material is the frigid planet of Iceworld, where ancient crusades against Robotic Ice Daemons dropped the temperatures to far below absolute zero.

Under these impossible and supernaturally cold conditions, even lasers froze, rendering all of the crusaders' weapons useless, save one: the planet-destroying Orange Laser. Thanks to its massive scale, a central core of destructive energy was able to punch through the cold, even as the outer layers of the beam froze solid and peeled away.

Bazillions of years later, the frozen shards of petrified laser remain preserved under continents of shifting ice, retaining all of their ancient world-destroying power for anyone with the secret knowledge and will to forge them into weapons.

Orange Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of OT in the BrikVerse.

Orange Transparent Clone

Original OT is very hard to come by. So some enterprising souls with more brains than brawn set out to make their own. It was theoretically possible to manufacture OT since the original supply was man made. They devised a plan to scour ancient legendary battlefields for microscopic bits of OT that may have been knocked loose in the OTC vs OTC battles. After thousands of years of searching, they found it, a single atom of OT.

Now with an original OT sample they could begin the scientific process of cloning it into a larger usable supply. It took over 100 million years to discover the best mixture of chemicals, power levels and environments that would grow more OT. They eventually got the process down to 1 million years to make enough clone OT to make 1 chainsaw. The trick was that each mass of clone OT needed 1 atom of original OT at its core. The self repair properties of OT took care of the rest. The atom of OT would scavenge the adjacent materials to clone itself, this is a slow process. The resulting clone OT is inferior to the original, but anyone who actually knows the difference first hand isn't talking.

Ancient Battlefields are now a source of conflict among those factions who wish to clone OT. Each atom of OT an explorer finds and sells at auction or to a private buyer could buy him a planet. Although a minifig could spend his entire life searching and still find nothing.

Of course there are still mad scientists on isolated moonbases that are running experiments to recreate the conditions that produced the original OT. None have been successful. We suppose that's what makes them so mad.

False Orange Transparent

Discovered in R. 2,010, False OT ABS or Artificial OT ABS (not to be confused with Orange Transparent Clone) is very similar to real OT ABS in color and ability but there is one major difference. This false OT ABS will not withstand the same strain normal OT will. False OT ABS, under particularly strenuous conditions, will potentially explode with astronomical force. Due to this explosive quality, it has been adapted for other teknology, such as high explosive grenades. The only way to tell the OTs apart is in their coloring. Regular OT ABS is a dark orange while the artificial stuff is much lighter in color. Professor Sharkhead is credited with the creation of FOT but his motives for doing so remain a mystery. Speculation runs rampant but, truly, folks are more interested in whether anyone can develop or has developed a FOT Chainsword.

Blue Transparent

Blue Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of BT in the BrikVerse.

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue is an enhanced BT with a higher cyclical energy regeneration rate and compressed storage matrices, resulting in longer lasting, higher output power sources. It is used primarily by the Neo-Prussian Empire.

Clear Transparent

Titanic energies are required to tear open paths between universes and alternate dimensions and the process is not without lasting aftereffects. More than a mere rip in space and time, these passageways are rents in existence. Frayed beige fibers fall away to reveal the emptiness beyond existence. Even the space between the Astral Plate, which is itself the space between universes, and another dimension is possessed of a terrifying emptiness.

As reality struggles to make sense out of literally nothing, a residue forms around the tattered opening between realities. This Clear Transparent (CT), formed as it is of almost nothing, is virtually weightless. This base level Legitimitium is not exactly rare but is highly uncommon and sought out by creators wishing to provide both visibility and a small measure of protection in the viewports, windows, and cockpits of their buildings and vehicles. It is also sought out by individuals wishing to augment their physical abilities as it allows them to jump higher, levitate, and sometimes even fly freely about.

Green Transparent

Pink Transparent

Purple Transparent

Red Transparent

Smoke Transparent

Yellow Transparent

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