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This page is essentially a depository for information on Trattorian characters too minor to merit their own page at the moment, but who nonetheless deserve a description of some sorts on the wiki. As canon accumulates, some characters will become significant enough to earn their own page.


Characters With Their Own Pages

Kaiserin Siri


Chief Scientist Dr. Liang


A prodigy even by Trattorian standards, Dr. Liang graduated summa cum laude from the USA's Harvard University at the precocious age of 11 before dual-enrolling in a Trattorian Teknological Institute math/physics Ph.D. program. Upon graduation she was still too young to legally participate in many internship programs, so she pursued another Ph.D. in computer science to fill up the time. After finally starting her career as a Trattorian physicist, she published a proof on the universal existence and smoothness of the Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics equations, receiving the million dollar prize as well as a Fields Medal as recognition. She then freelanced on various projects until her colleague Dr. Yang encouraged her to apply herself to the disorganized, desperate mess that was brikverse particle physics at the time. Dr. Liang worked on the problem for months, before finally uniting quantum mechanics and classical relativity into a single Theory of Everything, founded upon the existence of the Liang boson. After the Trattorian Soledad Fermion Super-Collider detected statistically-significant evidence of the Liang boson, Dr. Liang won a Nobel Prize in Physics and became the new Chief Scientist by unanimous vote of the Council of Scientists. She established the Black Box Bureau with the intent of creating a more mathematically-elegant universe, and currently focuses her efforts on Project ℝ^m.

As a person, Dr. Liang is quite friendly and approachable compared to her colleagues. She lacks the typical arrogance of other Trattorian scientists of rank, and treats her subordinates with patience.

Department Chair Dr. Pang

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A graduate of Harvard Medical School and holder of Ph.D's in Biology and Organic Chemistry, Dr. Pang has earned a legendary reputation in the Trattorian Biology Department for winning six Nobel Prizes in Medicine. He once collaborated with Department Chair Dr. Ong and former Chief Scientist Dr. Venter to invent the Miracle Cure together. He was also tasked with synthesizing an antidote for Rainbow Transparent, which he successfully completed. Disgruntled at what he perceives to be an under-appreciation for his achievements, Dr. Pang despises the current Chief Scientist and eyes the position himself.

Dr. Pang is unscrupulous and ambitious, with numerous investigations opened by the Trattorian Ethics Committee regarding potentially stolen or fraudulent research. The Ethics Committee does occasionally uncover connections with the Space Mafia...accusations which are swiftly silenced.

Department Chair Dr. Herndon



Department Chair Dr. Ong

F15D0367-3988-4415-BFB3-924DBC13FA2D zpsnyialnsv.jpg

Dr. Ong represented Trattoria at International Olympiads for Biology and Chemistry in her high school years, before earning three Ph.D's in Biology, Chemistry, and Nanotechnology. A versatile scientist, Dr. Ong flitted through the various departments before finally settling on the Engineering Department, where she felt she could best utilize her broad skill set. Her greatest achievement was creating the Miracle Cure in collaboration with Dr. Pang and Dr. Venter, manufacturing the crucial nanobot components. She was also instrumental in engineering the supercoolant system in Project Adstrum, better known as the star-destroying weapon mounted on the Lagrange-class dreadnought. Thus far she has managed to win four Nobel Prizes across a variety of areas, rivaling even Dr. Pang and Dr. Yuan in her expertise on biology and chemistry, respectively.

Dr. Ong has taken upon herself the secondary duty of chairing the Ethics Committee, believing that Trattoria's "anything goes" attitude towards research is hazardous and unproductive. As the one who informs scientists of disciplinary sanctions, pay reductions, and even citizenship revocations, Dr. Ong managed to earn the moniker "Angel of Death" among many resentful researchers.

Department Chair Dr. Yuan



President Kuroki

64F66324-0294-451C-A4B4-FBE8E82D7437 zpsrzt98dmp.jpg

Once a Lab Director for weapon design projects in the Engineering Department, Dr. Kuroki retired to a comfy desk job of being a Trattorian Navy Admiral. She ran for election to the presidency after the overthrow of Siri, winning due to her background as a former scientist. She has since taken a very passive role in administering the country, opting to simply monitor its various sectors for aberrations in performance and take reactionary measures.

Admiral Fleur



General Axelrod

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Chief Ambassador Dr. Xianghao




CEO Dr. Ayanami



Deceased/Retired Characters

Former Dr. Kruszewski


A former Lab Director in the Chemistry Department, Dr. Kruszewski was once the Special Administrator of the Trattorian-occupied Valorian Annex, de-facto head of the Black Box Bureau, and a promising candidate for becoming a future Department Chair. These hopes were dashed when disguised Space Mafia and some peach pirates raided her shuttle for her laptop, which contained special level-5 clearance unredacted BBB reports. To defend herself, Dr. Kruszewski activated BB-P-Hg-23842, summoning unholy porcine abominations. The Space Mafia won and stole the laptop (which they delivered to their customer), the shuttle, and some valuables, mocking and torturing her in captivity before a Trattorian Recovery Force secured her. Afterwards, the Ethics Committee voted to revoke her Ph.D/citizenship for instigating a containment breach, abusing a Black Box, and losing a specimen to a faction of dubious allegiance, and a court sentenced her to 10 years in prison and exile.

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