Tyronian Empire

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Tyronian Empire
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TL 6
Medium Empire (100 star systems)
None listed
Immortal Alliance


Anti-Immortal Alliance
Notable People
Lord Blood von Krus

Lord Soule Valtrix

Lord Blood von Cataclypse

A Lord of Tyronia posing with his troops.

Much is known about The Tyronian Empire because of its interaction with the Galatick Relations.

History: The Tyronian Empire started as a penal colony, but grew so much and evolved technology so far ahead of Lygasta, the planet that put them on Tyrone, and they attacked with full force and started conquering all the planets in the Vantation Solar System although all but Lygasta surrendered freely.

Planets: The home solar system of the TE is all the planets in the Vantation Solar System which are Tyrone, Lygasta, Soars, Cataclysma , the Loant Trio, whaich are three planets connected by a series of space bridges and revolve around the sun at the same time, and the TORC Onstar, which is currently in civil war. The entire TE population is 24 trillion.

Religion: The religion of the TE is Norse. All FoBoB are executed. The TE despises all peaches, and they must DIE. The colors of the TE are white and red.

Weapons and Technology:The main weapon in the TE is the M4 carbine, but since recent occurances the M4's ammo has been changed from standard rounds to Laser Cartridges that fire laser beams. As for the newest technology, the Tyronian Stargate 2.3 is currently in use and equiped to all Space Navy Ships.