United Systems Alliance

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United Systems Alliance
Space Flag-clean.png
Representative Democracy
Tek Level 6
500 systems, 140 territory systems, capital system
None listed
Allied Nations

Anti-Immortal Alliance

Immortal Empire


45th Union

Third Alliance

Notable People
B'lack Obama

USA Characters



The United Systems Alliance was founded in BR 1,776, during a separatist movement against the Britannian Empire.

It has since grown from a handful of colonized systems on the fringes of space to one of the most powerful nations in the galaxy, consisting of 500 systems, plus the capital system (Wash-a-ton DC) and 140 Territories.


The United Systems Alliance is a representative Democracy, in which the citizens elect their leaders.

The Federal government has 3 branches: The executive, legislative, and judicial.


The government of the american states function similarly to the federal level. The executive branch, or Governors, are elected by the populace, as is the legislature.

The Celestial Intelligence Agency

The C.I.A. handles intelligence, espionage, and other covert actions outside of American Territory.

Magic and the supernatural fall under the purview of the Occult Research Bureau (O.R.B.).


Infantry,vehicle crewmen, and othe important figures as of early 2015..
The Armed Forces of the United Systems alliance as of mid-2014.

The Army is organized as such:

2 men in a gun team.

2 gun teams in a Fireteam, led by a Corporal. (5 men)

2 Fireteams in a Squad, led by a Sergeant. (11 men)

3 Squads in a Platoon, led by a Lieutenant, with various support soldiers attached. (~40 men)

3 Platoons in a Company, led by a Captain, with various support soldiers attached. (~150 men)

4 Companies in a Battalion, led by a Major, with 1 support Company attached. (~750 men)

3 Battalions in a Regiment, led by a Colonel, with 1 support Company attached. (~2400 men)

4 Regiments in a Division, led by a General, with 4(Recon, Tank, Support, and Command) Battalions attached. (~13000 men)

the M1A6 Diplomat Main Battle Tank

Normal Life

Life is pretty good for American citizens. They enjoy freedoms and securities that few others in the galaxy posses, which is the reason why so many foreigners try to illegally immigrate there.

The United Systems Alliance is noted for being incredibly tolerant of diversity. Yellows, Peaches, Browns, Greens, Reds, Blues, and Pumpkin people all enjoy the same legal rights and protections under the law. In fact, as long as someone has a standard head shape and arms that match that color they are allowed to join the military.

While the government does employ some magicians, most Magicians work in entertainment or sports.

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