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Universal Union
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TL 6
Small Empire
None listed

Assyrian Star Empire

Immortal Empire

Immortal Alliance

Notable People
Emperor 501stCadians

Kommisar Von Block


UU forces.

Military Arm: Trans-Human OverWatch

Fleet Arm: UU Naval OverWatch

Intelligence Arm: Mossad


The Universal Union developed a mobile dark energy cannon and the torpedo cruiser Kingston. They obtained laser rifle technology from the Assyrians.

The entire Quebec sector was decimated.

Ragnarok Research scientists aboard the Ottawa had begun the second phase of testing a new, long-range jump gate that would have allowed travel beyond the confines of the Galaxy -- and could have potentially opened the entire universe for exploration. Unfortunately, an unforeseen concentration of dark matter along the jump route created a feedback wave that not only destroyed the Ottawa and everyone aboard, but expelled huge masses of dark matter and radioactivity. A quarantine was immediately erected across most of the sector -- not for security, this time, but for the safety of anyone foolish enough to stray into the dangerous morass. The jump gate itself sank into a monstrous singularity that still hangs at the edge of the sector, an evil, swirling eye, that casts its gaze upon the wasteland of of the Universal Union.

So, the men have become outcasts. In a few lighters from the away company, they are the only survivors. Coming across and Immortal Planet, they allied, and were given funds to make a starship and re-build. They fight for a thing everyone needs- A home. Hopefully the Immortals will grant them one.

501stCadians is the Emperor of the UU Remnant, and is the one seeking two things during the course of the Immortal war: A new Home for his people, and Immortality. He is the engineer of the Infamous Dark Energy Containment Field, the tough T-46 D Powered Armor, the Gatling Laser, and Dark Energy Grenades. He is a typhoon, he strikes without mercy, without remorse, he strikes swift, and leaves no survivors.

The Immortals then backstabbed the UU for the latter's friendly relations with the Assyrian Star Empire, attacking research labs in Tau-137.

A Glasgow UU Knightmare frame.

Emperor 501stCadians then developed the Universal Union RP-11 Glasgow Humanoid Autonomous Armored Knight, or "Knightmare Frame". The prototype and flagship unit was piloted by Matthew "Cadians" Bri, Emperor of the UU, during the landings on Straxis IV. The Red thigh markings denote a command unit. On the far arm is the prototype Radiant Wave Claw, which was proven very effective during the Daemonic Incursion on Straxis IV.

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