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Canadian trailer park supervisor

Kastrenzo made a sigfig once, it was edgy and emo

Had the misfortune of knowing Whiteagle before either became a member of the brikwars community. He wastes hours every month, updating wiki pages regarding his content, rather than actually doing stuff with them.

Original creator of the following factions Galacia, Zagoria, Cherhovna Bryhada, Volhinya, Syndikat, Ulvarrat, Sakhalina, TSOH, PAC

Also made a lot of Cameos, including ASE, M-Throne Empire, USA, Space Poland, Space Austria and a bunch others.

Hoardes massive amounts of minifigs and vehicles, never does anything with them. shit tier brikwarrior 0/10 Bubba and Jed were fighting over who gets to fuck the pig again.

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