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This is my boo hoo hoo page. Be off with you.


The king of not respecting other people's stuff

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An Overview (Looking at Cancer)

Vami IV is like Canada from Hetalia, having both the invisibility of Canada and the stupidity of Hetalia wrapped up in the form of a self stylized try hard teenager who 100% of the time winds blowing his entire goddamn leg off with a 12 guage. When noticed (almost always by those unfortunate souls who stop scrolling down a thread and have to suffer his posts), Vami will become very passive aggressive for seemingly no reason, and nearly always drive away the offender with how annoying he can become. As a result, people tend to completely ignore Vami, which extremely vexes him.

When a curious (and/or foolish) soul presses other Forum denizens about Vami, they almost always are met with silence, a derisive grunt, or with the following responses: "Who?" and/or "Oh, do you mean IVhorseman?" Even those who do know Vami exists either spend very little time speaking to him (with a few exceptions who genuinely want to make him less annoying but fail anyways), or reciprocate his passive-aggressiveness (which also annoy him).

Vami, as mentioned above, has never once been known to ever win any sort of argument on the forum, instead digging a very large hole that he must (attempt) to climb out of. He fails. Every. Single. Time. The aforementioned blowing off of his leg occurs when he realizes he has reached the bottom of his hole (I.E., he has realized that he can no longer defend his position either because he realizes he does not have the obligatory moral high ground, or because there are far too many voices speaking against him and he folds, then folds a little more, realizes he has folded too much, and then snaps in half, breaking into pieces when he hits the ground), and Vami fumbles his argument (trying to get out of the hole) and inflicts upon himself a mortal injury, leaving him in the hole while disgruntled moderators or even Ad'Min fill the hole.

Vami's Personality or the Onion of Stupid

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Dr. Langlois, senior contractor for Virgin Defense.


Vami IV
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