Viérre Glass Corporation

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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Dr. Lachman
Country: Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria
TRX: VRR 40.64 +0.13 (0.32%)

"Your view into the galaxy."

The Viérre Glass Corporation is the number one producer of glass and Clear Transparent products in the Nehellium Galaxy. Originally founded to fulfill Trattorian architecture's insatiable demand for glass, Viérre has found itself a profitable niche in the Trattorian economy. Viérre's glass is well-regarded for its bullet-proof durability and the sheer quantity produced, necessary for sustaining the glass floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and furniture ubiquitous in Trattoria. Viérre has since moved to vertically integrate the galactic clear transparent industry by opening mining operations. This often places it into conflict with the Zupponn Mining Co., which seeks green transparent, and the Sekai Union, which seeks precious metals and transparent ore. Arrangements between the three to split mining output among their specialized sectors are not uncommon.

Recently, the previous CEO Dr. Mérieux died outside the Viérre headquarters in Corpora, planet Trattoria, during the Mikoto incident. The Board of Directors then elected Dr. Lachman, former COO, as the new CEO. Dr. Lachman has envisioned a new direction for Viérre Glass Corporation, including unprecedented expansion of international operations and the aggressive advertisement of glass as a construction material.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: ₮51.36 trillion 2.40%
Profits: ₮1.98 trillion 0.00%
Total Assets: ₮74.2 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: ₮36.8 trillion
Market Value: ₮49.3 trillion
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