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Rebel Insurgency
Tek Level 4

Spidola the Spider

King MethHouse

Rainbow Knights

Notable People
Lord Vladtron

Drayko the Drake

The VladTron capital fortress

The VladTron capital fortress

In BR 2,004 the vomitously colorful Rainbow Knights had risen to the highest positions in the once-great Empire of Mocia. Disgusted by their flamboyance and foppery, the Grand Vizier Vlad the Unpaler campaigned ceaselessly for armor of more sensible tones. Within a week he was apprehended and sent to GoneDomino Prison, a high-security site where the Mocian leadership could dispose of anti-color activists without hue process.

However, the prison transport ship's ABS reactor overloaded, causing sections of the vessel to be warped to uncharted reaches of the galaxy. The ship was assumed to be destroyed by the pleased authorities. However, by Koincidence, Vlad's section of the hull crashlanded among the lost ruins of DarkTron I.

With the opportunity to study and co-opt many of the ancient DarkTron secrets lost since before the Gray Shift, Vlad was able to rally and reactivate the scattered DarkTron survivors, naming himself Lord VladTron and leading great armies in rebellion against the garishly-colored forces of the Rainbow Knights. The three VladTron Rebellions were defining historical events in BRs 2,004, 2,005, and 2,006.

Many of the Mocian knights joined sides with VladTron as they did not enjoy wearing baby blue armour, leading many to believe that there was no Mocian army at all but only the four JellyBean-like Rainbow Knights. The great bulk of VladTron's army was composed of knights from the disgraced Great Mocian House Shadho, which had fallen out of favor among Rainbowists and been usurped by their more colorful cousins in House Rayho.

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