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Volhinyan State
Emergency Military Junta
TL 6
Wolheen region, Northern Gold Sector
None listed
Red Line
Cherhovna Bryhada
Notable People
Knyaz Karl Magadan II *Deceased*

The Volhinyan State or Volhinyan Polity is a small empire from the northern expanses of the Gold Sector. It originated from colonists from Elkoss, the present day Galacian Capital. It was the last colonization ship to leave Elkoss before the end of the Empire, and thus while everyone else was getting blown up in that war, the Volhinyans were left to peacefully develop into their own nation, rather than another subjugated colony.

Volhinya is politically and strategically isolated, Surrounded by Galacian territory on 3 sides and the void of lawless neutral space everywhere else, they are contained to their corner of space and are often forgotten about by many larger factions. Thus, little is known about their empire.

They were once a monarchy, until their last monarch died in battle with no heir, after which, The state fell into a Succession crisis divided between relatives of the late Kynaz backed up by the army and navy. Against abolitionist dissidents



In R.2011 the Elkossian Empire was fighting a losing battle against peach extremists, A minor noble known as Karl Magadan, a cousin of the Emperor of the Aldemir dynasty of Elkoss, rallied the support of thousands of refugees on the world of Caspia and convinced them to follow him on an expidition. Officially, Magadan had been instructed by the Generals to move refugees out of the system as they were becoming a neusance when it was trying to fight a war. Magadan's followers set up a few colonies in the north, founding the "Elkossian sub-sector of Volhinya" but little more than a month later, the war ended. The Peaches lost, but it was clear the Empire hadn't won either. The Elkossian Empire basically collapsed and broke down into yet another war this time strife with several competing government remnants and other breakaway secessionist states.

The Volhinyan leadership viewed itself as a legitimate successor or claimant to the Elkossian Empire, it was afterall a legitimate administrative division of the Empire, and it's Governor was a cousin of the late Emperor Kerjit, and his heir Kombucha was presumed dead. In the earliest days of the succession conflict, where it was anyone's game.. Volhinya stood just as good a chance as any to win the conflict for the right to rule the gold sector, unfortunately due to their isolation from the key theatre of war, it was very difficult to move forces around. The USSSR Made it's first crack at taking over the sector at this time, The first Soviet forces that invaded the sector were repelled by Volhinyans, a fact often forgotten about

Volhinya became a small albeit technologically advanced empire ruled by the Magadan dynasty, this would be short lived however...

Blunder on Outer Haven

Second Battle of Outer Haven
For many years after, Volhinya would also be under constant threat of Trianglist extremists until they attempted Invade and conquer the world of Outer Haven in R.2017 The campaign was thought to be a breeze on paper, however the Kynaz decided to lead forces in battle.. While outgunning the enemy with superior weaponry, the Volhinyans were not prepared for the ambush tactics of the Insurgents.. Kynaz Karl Magadan II was killed in battle, and the entire operation was a decisive failure. Volhinya fell into a leadership crisis and lost much of it's prestige, no longer able to hold it's territory as an independent power, it was forced to seek help from outside and possibly join an alliance with foreigners.

Civil war, within a Civil war

War of the Volhinyan Succession


Volhinyan Royal Army

The Volhinyan Royal Army is a small specialist force, they use long range, high powered gauss weapons and GT powered energy weapons to defend their small empire from enemies all around. Their strengths are all about long range precision weapons.

The Volhinyan army's biggest asset is it's gauss rifle. It's troops are few in number but can outrange almost every other ground force in the galaxy. They favor defensive and ambush tactics, volleying Gauss fire into enemy troops from range, ambushing vehicles with long range lasers, and then retreating until more targets present themselves, always trying to avoid staying out of range.

Sharpshooter - Well trained troops that blur the line between a cannon fodder and snipers, they use Gauss rifles that hit extremely hard, and have extremely long range
Sergeant - Veteran Support troops that use a gauss carbine and direct rifle fire
Rail Gunner - Heavy Machinegun users who use a gauss powered automatic GT weapon to spit hot plasma bolts at frightening speed
Tank Buster - Anti vehicle soldiers who use an anti tank laser blaster, rather than a traditional rocket

Motor Pool Volhinyan vehicles are built around a defensive nature, their combat vehicles are made for killing the enemy before they are close enough to pose a threat, and their carriers are designed to be incredibly survivable to protect the troops inside as Volhinyans need their troops moreso than others

Luchnik - Volhinyan Gauss tank, Lighter armor, fast and nimble, and a very powerful long range gun as well as guided GT missiles on its roof
Mako - A heavy all terrain APC with a remote controlled autorail gun
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